June 23, 2024

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Biden and Putin warn of severing ties if they do not resolve tensions in Ukraine |  Globalism

Biden and Putin warn of severing ties if they do not resolve tensions in Ukraine | Globalism

Hey President of the United States, Joe Bidenthe president of Russia, Russian President Vladimir PutinThey warned each other, Thursday (30), not to escalate tensions over Ukraine It could lead to disruption of relations between the two countriesRussian and US officials said.

Despite this, the two leaders appeared ready to find a diplomatic solution during a second phone conversation this month.

The US President said he was “very concerned” about the presence of Russian military personnel on the Ukrainian border and Who will respond “firmly” to any invasion of Eastern Europe?According to a senior White House official.

Putin told Biden that Any sanctions that could sever relations between Russia and the United States would be a big mistake, Inform the Kremlin.

But Russian government adviser Yuri Ushakov said Putin was satisfied with the conversation he said had been It revolves around the security guarantees that Moscow wants from the West, highlighted by Reuters news agency.

The call, requested by Putin, lasted 50 minutes, according to US officials.

as US-Russia negotiations approaching on January 10Russia has repeatedly stated in Geneva that its priority is to negotiate two treaties that redefine balance and security in Europe.

For the Kremlin, the security of Russia passes Banning the presence of NATO from expansion In the area where Moscow is considered its area of ​​influence.

December’s first phone call

Western countries have so far ruled out a military response to a possible Russian invasion, and the Kremlin has paid little heed to threats of sanctions.

Russia has already become the target of many economic reprisals from Western countries over the Ukrainian issue and repression in the country.

Currently, the January 10 negotiations in Geneva on Ukraine and strategic stability have proven tense. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already ruled out the possibility of “concessions” by Moscow, and United State He warned that some Russian requests were “unacceptable”.

These discussions, led by US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and her Russian counterpart Sergei Ryabkov, will be followed by a meeting between Moscow and NATO representatives on January 12 and another the next day in the framework of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe).