June 23, 2024

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Bisexual Superman fears Eduardo Bolsonaro: 'Inspiring kids'

Bisexual Superman fears Eduardo Bolsonaro: ‘Inspiring kids’

Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) Disturbed by the duality of a fictional character, teenager John Kent, who, in DC Comics in the United States, takes his father’s place as the hero of Superman.

On the day the American comic book publisher mentioned that the character of Clark Kent, the son of the original Superman, with his eternal love, Lois Lane, He discovers that he loves to kiss girls and boysOne of the heirs of the President of the Republic went to social networks to present his protest, also mentioning the cases of other superheroes who came out of the closet recently, such as Robin, Batman a miracle, also from DC Comics.

“Inspiring many of these superheroes are teenagers and children. But the problem is the cop boy, right?” asked Eduardo Bolsonaro, taking the opportunity to complain about criticism – including from the United Nations – of opportunities in which his father showed children in uniform and carrying Toy guns.

Watch the congressman’s post Monday night (10/11):

Eduardo Bolsonaro’s post on Monday
in networks

Born, raised and developed powers inherited from his foreign father on several versions of the Superman comedy in the US, after taking his father’s crime-fighting place a few months ago, it was revealed by screenwriter Tom Taylor on Monday.

See the post:

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