June 4, 2023

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‘Book Friday’: Amazon will get up to 70% off book sales – Cultura

a Amazon The seventh version of the call will be carried out Black Friday reading Between next Thursday 19 and Sunday 22 August. The promise is that about 4 thousand books Available in the website catalog at promotional prices up to 70% off.

In addition, Seven Lives will be held with lectures and talks involving authors from different topics during the “warm-up” of the Friday reservation Between Monday the 16th of this and Thursday the 19th. Promotional values ​​will be available starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, but discount coupons can be downloaded starting at 2 p.m. on the Amazon app.

There will also be a three-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited for R1.99, a “take four, pay three” promotion on imported books and a “three book for BRL 30”, and a discount on 10th generation Kindle e-readers and above up to 50 off % on books in the “Books for College”, “Comics and Manga” and “Boxes and Sets” sections.

The platform will also launch a section entitled “Loja de Pequenos Editorias and Independent Authors”, which promises to return an unspecified portion of the sales value to the NGO Vaga Lume, which promotes reading and community library management in rural communities in the Amazon region. Area.

For more information, you can access Location of the upgrade.

Check out the full schedule for “Book this Friday” below:

August 16 – Monday

12:00 – Isabel Sintra, Lorena Pimenta and Olivia Pilar – Ancestry and Our History

7 p.m. – Jenna Evans Welch – Love and Things

August 17 – Tuesday

12 o’clock – Allen Bey, Stenio Gardel, Marilia Arno and Joao Paulo Cuenca – Contemporary Brazilian Reading: Experiences, Narratives and Trends

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7 p.m. – Felipe Cabral, Sonia Rodriguez, Thalita Rebucas and Tony Pilotto – Books, Camera and Motion: How the Age of Broadcasting Impacts the Book World

August 18 – Wednesday

12:00 – Pedro Roas, Vitor Martins, Lavinia Rocha and Iris Figueiredo – Love in a Time of Admiration: Youth Literature for All Generations

Seven o’clock in the evening – Bruno Zago, Cristinehas and Eduardo Medeiros – National cartoon

August 19 – Thursday

12 o’clock – Day Fernandes, Edney Silvestre and Eduardo Spoht – Today’s fantasy