October 1, 2023

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Boston Celtics achieve 'perfect' fourth period, beat historic Curry night, beat Golden State Warriors to open 1-0

Boston Celtics achieve ‘perfect’ fourth period, beat historic Curry night, beat Golden State Warriors to open 1-0

The Boston Celtics made an impressive comeback, defeating the Golden State Warriors and opening 1-0 in the Finals.

a Boston Celtics Finals NBA! This Thursday, the team had a “perfect” fourth period, made a beautiful comeback and won 120-108, opening 1-0 in a best of a series of 7..

Even with Tatum weaker in the score, but important in the frame, team Boston relied on the performance of its supporting cast to beat a historic Stephen Curry night and win.

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Jersey Warriors No. 30 He broke the record for 3 balls in a final match in history and finished with 34 points, but that wasn’t enough. Jaylen Brown, Al Horford and Derek White were the inspirations for the performance And he commanded victory, especially in the last period.

The first quarter saw a historic performance for Stephen Curry. 30 shirt got 21 points and 6 out of 3 balls, highest individual quarter mark in Finals history.

In addition, it was the third-highest quarter-final point in history and the highest since 1993, when Michael Jordan scored 22 points in the second quarter of Game 4 between the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns.

Despite Steve’s performance, The Warriors won only four points in the first half (32-28).

In the second period, The Celtics toughened their defense and kept Curry literally until the end of the first half. With that and inspiring Tatum, Boston managed to move into Phase Two with an edge in the mark: 56 to 54.

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On the way back from break, he came “The Third Quarter of the Death of Warriors”. Curry came back with inspiration and scored another 9 points. Wiggins also did very well on the three balls, winning partial Golden State 38-24 and entering the last period by 12. Points: 92 to 80.

In the last period, everything has changed. The Celtics returned to the field “perfectly”, hitting the first 7 of the 3 they tried and erasing the advantage in less than 5 minutes..

Having taken the lead, Boston continued to fire and opened the lead until he finished in victory.