July 19, 2024

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Ronaldo says Cruzeiro analyzes esports contract: ‘Soon, news’ |  esports

Ronaldo says Cruzeiro analyzes esports contract: ‘Soon, news’ | esports

Ronaldo’s live phenomenon on Twitch – Photo: clone / Twitch

Owner of 90% of the shares of Sociedade Anônima do Futebol (SAF) in Sea trip, Ronaldo took over the management of the club in April, having signed the intent to buy in December 2021, and was promoting the restructuring of football. A fan of games, the former player should pay attention to the esports sector.

– We are still studying in great detail the contract that the association signed with the company that runs it Sea trip Esports We had many other priorities to resolve, and we are now looking in detail at this contract between the association and the company that runs esports. Sea trip. Therefore, I am not yet ready to give you news, neither good nor bad. But we are looking, and soon, we will bring you the news – Ronaldo said, this Thursday, when asked about the case Sea trip Esports by a diverse audience.

a General Electric Show, in a report, that Sea trip Esports owes three to five months’ salary to players, coaches and other staff, which has led to team members leaving various mods, opening lawsuits in labor court and widespread discontent.

In an interview with General ElectricFelipe even said the club’s switch to SAF had caused concern about the impact on the esports project and its continuity. He stated that in January of this year, at a meeting with Ronaldo’s team, he provided all the information about the esports operation, but the relationship with the new management did not develop, which created uncertainty about whether the company should continue investing. .or not in the project.

In recent weeks, it has been Sea trip Esports has seen players from Wild Rift (male and female), Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Valorant (female) and eFootball close down, unhappy with unpaid wages, false promises and infrastructure problems. Amidst this uncertainty about the project. Only Team Free Fire has yet to announce its exit from the organization, though players have been delayed and are already available to other teams for the season sequel.

Gabriel Oliveira talks about Cruzeiro Esports’ defense after salary delay

In a note sent to General Electric To report salary arrears Sea trip He said he became aware of “potential management problems in Sea trip He said he asked for contracts and accountability questioned, and declared that “no effort” to organize and promote the club’s esports project would be measured.

Check out the full note from the new management of Sea trip:

a Sea trip SAF has become aware of potential management problems in Sea trip Esports immediately requested existing contracts with the company running the project, as well as all accountability questioned.

It is worth noting that the esports project is very important for Sea trip And its new management, which began on April 14, we will spare no effort to organize and strengthen Sea trip esports.