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BOTAFOGO plays very poorly and finishes 0 to 0 with victory in El Salvador

BOTAFOGO plays very poorly and finishes 0 to 0 with victory in El Salvador

With poor performance, the Botafogo It was only a tie in 0 a 0 Such as win over, which is in the landing zone, on Wednesday, in Paradaw. The result in Salvador made Glorious miss a great opportunity to distance itself from GoiásFifth place: The difference is still three points, and Fugao remains in the position of deputy leadership B . series, with 48.

Botafogo started the match against Vitoria and scored his best chance in the first minute: Rafael Navarro touched, Marco Antonio crossed the area and kicked to the right, a great opportunity was missed. Soon, in the fourth minute, Diego Gonçalves headed the ball with a hazard, but there was already an offside in the show.

After pressing for the first ten minutes, Botafogo stopped production and Vitoria was better organized. Bahia had a big chance in the 14th minute: after a cross from the left, Gilvan slipped and left Manuel free to header, but the ball went wide and narrowly missed the goal.

Glorioso pressed again only in the last 15 minutes of the preliminary stage, getting up again for the match. At 37, the Alfinegra team managed a good exchange of passes, Chai received from Rafael Navarro and a low kick, but goalkeeper Lucas Arcango managed to make the defense twice.

In the second half, Botafogo didn’t get any flashes and Vitoria was on top. In the 18th minute, Renan Luis crossed a cross, Manuel entered the defenders with his free header. Two minutes later, Diego Lorero came off very badly after a corner kick and Gilvan saved him with a buggy in the small area.

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The situation with Vinegra will be worse after that The referee was sent off by mistake in the 24th minute. Vitoria took the lead and came close to opening the scoring with a powerful cross kick from Kaik Sousa – this time, Diego Loreiro put in a fine performance and created a difficult defence.

The match panorama returned to what it was 37 minutes later, when Samuel was sent off – only after a VAR review – when he hit Gilvan with his elbow, leaving both teams with a ten on the field. In the additions, Botafogo netted with Rafael Moura, but the move was negated in an offside that raised many suspicions.

Botafogo next matches

Botafogo is now locked in two head-to-head battles for access in a row, both at Nilton Santos Stadium. Saturday, glorious receive HawaiiAt 7 p.m., on October 9, the discount is CRB4:30 pm.

data sheet
Victory 0 x 0 Botafogo

Stadium: Paradaw
date and time: 09/29/2021 – 21h30
Rule: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP)
Auxiliaries: Evandro de Melo Lima (SP) and Luiz Alberto Andrini Nogueira (SP)
where: Rodrigo Garrizo Ferreira do Amaral (FIFA/SP Club)
Income and audience: closed gates
yellow cards: Raul Prata, Guilherme Rend, Pablo Celes and Samuel (Vit); Marco Antonio Cano (BOT)
red cards: 24’/2ºT (butt) can; Samuel 37 min/2ºT (VIT)

win over: Lucas Archangel Raul Prata (Van 33’/2ºT) Wallace, Mateus Moraes and Renan Lewis; Joao Pedro, Guilherme Rend (Samuel 33’/2ºT) and Pablo Siles (Caíque Souza 15’/2ºT); Bruno Oliveira (Gabriel Bispo 39 min/2ºT), Manuel and Roberto – Coach: Wagner Lopez.

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Botafogo: Diego Loreiro, Jonathan Lemos (Daniel Borges – Interval), Kano, Gilvan, and Carlinhos; Barreto, Lewis, Yama & Chai (Ewerton 27’/2ºT); Marco Antonio (Warley – first half), Rafael Navarro (Rafael Moura 43 min / 2 min) and Diego Gonçalves – Coach: Anderson Moreira.

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