June 23, 2024

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Did you know Corinthians made 30 contracts in 2021?  See the survey by Mio Timo

Did you know Corinthians made 30 contracts in 2021? See the survey by Mio Timo

Corinthians hired 30 players in President Duilio Monteiro Alves’ first year in office. Exclusive portal scanning rudder Includes acquisitions in four categories of men’s football: Under-17, Under-20, Under-23 and Professional – See the names below.

The class that hired the most was the under-20 class, with no fewer than 17 players. More than half came in the first semester, when Alex Micheni was the youth class coordinator – he became a professional assistant at the end of June.

The main team, coordinated by Alessandro Nunes (Director) and Roberto de Andrade (Director), is responsible for the second largest number of appointments. The total was seven: Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes, Carlos Miguel, Joao Pedro, Willian, and most recently Paulinho.

The other six athletes Corinthians brought in during the 2021 season are divided between the Under-17 (four) and Under-23 (two) teams.

Remember the 30 players who signed with Corinthians in 2021

Sub 17

  • Joao Marcelo (A) – Villa Nova Jo
  • Joe Victor (A) – Atlético Jo
  • Vitino Oliveira (left) – Nofrisentino
  • Marcio (Z) – Linens

Sub 20

  • Anderson Leonardo (A) – Villa Nova
  • Carlão (Z) – Nautical
  • Jose Vitor (5th) – Globo-RN
  • Gabriel (left) – Cruz
  • Joao Pedro (L) – Atletico SC
  • Wesley Burgess (G) – Ituano
  • Luan (A) – Linens
  • Gabriel Joyce (5th) – flamingo-SP
  • Robert (A) – Saint Cayetano
  • Joao Goes (M) – Caldense MG
  • Young (a) – Capivariano-SP
  • Gustavino (midfield) – Villa Nova
  • Carlos Henrique (left) – Atlético-GO
  • Emerson Urso (man) – São Caetano
  • Bruno Carcaioli (G) – Palmeiras
  • Marquinho (midfield) – Osasco Odax
  • Luan Lino (A) – Real Brasília-DF
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Sub 23

  • Winicius Maya (midfield) – Aparecides-Jo
  • Mateus Melo (Midfielder) – Linens


  • Giuliano (centre) – Basaksehir – Tur
  • Renato Augusto (M) – Bijian Guan – CHN
  • Roger Geddes (A) – Shandong Taishin – CHN
  • Carlos Miguel (G) – international
  • Joao Pedro (left) – Porto Bor
  • Willian (A) – Arsenal-Inge
  • Paulinho (5th) – No club

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