June 12, 2024

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Botafogo starts changes in professional football and cuts players, Flavio Tinios and Lucio Flavio |  Botafogo

Botafogo starts changes in professional football and cuts players, Flavio Tinios and Lucio Flavio | Botafogo

With the arrival of Luis Castro, he became Botafogo He started changes in the football department. At least five players have already been informed that they are not in the main team’s plans: defender Ewerton, midfielder Fabinho, midfielder Felipe Ferreira, striker Ronald and right-back Vitor Marinho.

a General Electric I found that these players were not released, only that they were informed that they would not be part of the professional team. The club will discuss on a case-by-case basis to find other destinations for the athletes or transfer them to the newly created B team.

The list will grow, as Luis Castro has announced that he will be working with 30 first-team players. With the medical section full, more confirmations will come in the near future. The number can be doubled or up to 15 athletes.

Fabinho was hired this year, and he’s among those fired – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

– I believe in contexts conducive to development. And 40 players to work by practice by practice is not perfect. The Portuguese said that Team B would make us put the players to surrender and surrender to Team A. That doesn’t mean the Team B player has no quality.

“Due to the new composition of the Professional Football Technical Committee, Botafogo Reports that goalkeeper coach Flavio Tinios is on suspended leave until his professional status at the club is determined.”

The coach has reached the 600-game mark for the club – Photo: Vitor Silva / Botafogo

Castro also spoke about the matter at last Tuesday’s press conference. The coach made it clear that he does not give up on the rest of the personal team.

– I have my commission and if someone is not feeling well or the opposite is not a problem. It’s not a personal issue or necessarily being a bad professional. I do not waive anyone of my commission. we are a team. If we do not coordinate, I think we will face difficulties.

The club is careful not to treat the decision as layoffs, let alone layoffs. The players and other professionals mentioned, who represented the club in the Carioca tournament, are out of the main group’s plans, but may have a different space in the “new” BotafogoCases are discussed individually.

Luis Castro’s debut will be in Botafogo against Corinthians

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