March 22, 2023

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Sao Paulo offers: Calleri shines with two goals and Pablo Maya stands out again |  Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo offers: Calleri shines with two goals and Pablo Maya stands out again | Sao Paulo

Jandry: He saved well in the first half, in a difficult game in the small penalty area. In Palmeiras’ goal, at the end of the match, he was obstructed by a deflected ball after an attack by Rafael Vega. Grade: 6.0

Ravinia: I played a more defensive game, and went up a bit to attack. He faced some difficulties when Péquez received shots in the depth, and in the first half, he hit a dribbling shot that almost ended with a goal in favor of Palmeiras. Grade: 6.0

Diego Costa: Even at the age of 22, he was the owner of Sao Paulo’s defense that night. He anticipated plays well, made accurate hits and came out well playing with his feet when necessary. Practically did not lose duels in the air balls. Grade: 7.0

the lion: He had some difficulties in plays at speed, but performed well in individual feuds. He came out playing well with the feet when turned on. Note: 6.0.

Sao Paulo vs Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Wellington: He provided good support in attack and managed to set up some plays. However, the left-back was tense in certain situations and was unable to replicate the same level in the semi-finals, when he scored one of the goals in the victory over Corinthians. Grade: 6.0

Pablo Maya: The midfielder is not afraid to risk the goal. And again he was happy. In the 18 minutes of the second half, the boy received a ball at the entrance to the area, and ended with force, the ball deflected and made Morumbi explode with the second of the tricolor. Grade: 8.0

Rodrigo Nestor: I played a more secretive game this Sunday, making fewer games than usual. She was responsible for losing near the area, but she was poorly grounded. Note: 6.5

Igor Gomez: He played an important tactical role, mainly helping the defensive system. On several occasions he appeared as a defensive midfielder, disarming plays and starting to build in attack. In the second half, he had a nice streak for Eder he almost scored. Grade: 7.5

Calleri celebrates a goal for Sao Paulo against Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Alison: He was one of the best players in Sao Paulo In the field. He took charge from the start of the match, with dribbles and shots from outside the area. Still in the first half, he hit the crossbar and gave signs of progress with quick shots. Grade: 7.5

Edir: She played an important role in the offensive movement. With Calleri reforming further, he left the area several times and was able to create dangerous shots. In the second half, he had the opportunity to score, but instead of shooting at the goal, he played inside the small area and was dragged away by a Palmeiras defender. He was replaced in the 23rd minute and his name was sung by more than 60,000 fans.. Grade: 7.0

Gallery: Touch it, it’s a goal! The striker was calm enough to take the penalty kick that opened the scoring for Sao Pauloin the 50th minute of the first half, and was opportunistic to score the third goal, in 35 minutes of the final stage. Grade: 9.0

Marquinhos: I entered in the 23rd minute of the second half. The attacker managed to do some quick play, but with little effectiveness. Grade: 6.0

Pablo Maya celebrates a goal for Sao Paulo against Palmeiras – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

Nikon: I entered in the 28th minute of the second half. not degree.

Andres Colorado: I entered in the 37th minute of the second half. not degree.

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