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Botafogo x Juventud: places to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing

Botafogo x Juventud: places to watch, lineups, embezzlement and refereeing

defeated with Luis Castro In the technical field Botafogo You will get one again Nilton Santos Stadium Crowded this Sunday, 11 am, in front of Youthfor the fourth round of Brazilian Championship. All stadium tickets for sale have been sold out, with the audience able to reach 40,000 fans.

The Alvinegra team is trying to prove evolution game by game with the new coach and new reinforcements that arrived just a few weeks ago. In the last round, Botafogo won an important point away from home, in the last minute, Against Atlético-Go, in Goiania, in a match that saw goalkeeper Diego Loreiro fail and referee errors..

For Sunday’s match, which promises to be another celebration for Glorioso fans, coach Luis Castro must make three changes, according to “GE”: Kitty Fernandez resume position Diego Loreiro in the target Victor Cuesta Defense intervention instead of Kano, injured; And Patrick de Paula Return to the starting lineup to leave Lucas Biazon.

Botafogo embezzlement

Defender Kano injured his left thigh muscle Paretowith a right thigh injury, will miss Botafogo this Sunday, as well Joel Carlywho is still in transition with an ankle problem. Carlinhos (injury to the ligaments of the left knee) and Raphael (complete Achilles tendon rupture) recovering from surgery. Nico Hamalinen And Sebastian Joffre Not yet regulated.

Discount – youth

Vitor Mendes was sent off in the last game, making way for Paulo Miranda in defence. Coach Eduardo Baptista is also absent due to physical problems: Oscar Ruiz (muscular erosion) and Ricardo Bueno (groin pain). Marlon and Paulinho should be news clients in the offensive sector.

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All runway tickets sold out on Wednesday, and a new shipment of tickets from Upper West Sector B sold out on Friday and also disappeared. Only a few Tribuna de Honra tickets worth 320 BRL left on the site www.botafogo.com.br/ingresso.

Where to watch Botafogo vs Juventus

only the the first show The match will be shown, pay-per-view, with Natalia Lara narrating.


Braulio da Silva Machado, of FIFA and the Santa Catarina Federation, whistled at the match with the help of Alex dos Santos and Thiago Americano Lapis, also of Santa Catarina. Video Assistant Referee Pablo Ramon Gonçalves Pinero will be assisted by Flavio Gomez Baroca, both from RN.

data sheet

Playground: Nelton Santos
date and time: 01/05/2022 – 11 AM
to rule: Braulio da Silva Machado (FIFA/SC)
Auxiliaries: Alex dos Santos (SC) and Thiaggo Americano Labes (SC)
Video Assistant Referee: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinero (RN)
the tickets: www.botafogo.com.br/ingresso
Where to watch: the first show

Botafogo: Katito Fernandez Saravia, Felipe Sampaio, Victor Cuesta and Danielle Borges; Luis Weyama, Patrick de Paula and Lucas Fernandez; Gustavo Sauer, Erison and Victor Sa – Coach: Luis Castro.

Youth: Caesar. Rodrigo Soares, Paulo Miranda, Raphael Forster and William Matthews; Yuri, Jason and Marlon; Capixaba, Isidro Pita and Paulinho Muklin – Coach: Eduardo Baptista.