July 20, 2024

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Gois x Atltico: Galo meets two Libertadores champions of 2013

Gois x Atltico: Galo meets two Libertadores champions of 2013

Photo: Rosiron Rodrigues/Gois

Luan and Sedemar were part of the champions Atletico’s Libertadores squad in 2013

Atletico meet again on Saturday with striker Luan and defender Sadimar, the 2013 Libertadores Cup champion with their club. The duo is currently defending Joyce, Gallo’s opponent, in the fourth round of the Brazilian Championship. The match will take place at 18:30 at the Sierra Dorada stadium in Guenia.

Luan, “Minino Malukinho”, former captain of the Atletico fans. In addition to the Copa Libertadores, the 27th won three tournaments in Minas Gerais, 2014 Recopa Sudamericana and 2014 Copa do Brasil in his time with Atlético. He participated in 305 matches and scored 49 goals in his six-year period with Alfinegro Club (2013-2019).

Sidimar has a much shorter history in Galo. The defender was revealed at Atlético’s base in 2010, but he did not have many chances in the professional team. Although he played only six times for the Alvenegro team, and never took to the field in the campaign, he was part of the Continental Champion team under Coca.

The match against Atletico could be Sedemar’s debut with Joyce. The defender arrived at the club from Athletic, a team from So Joo del-Rei that featured in the first stage of the Campeonato Mineiro. Led by Roger, Esquadro de Ao finished the country in third place and was knocked out in the semi-finals by Cruzeiro. After that, they won the indoor Trofu race.

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“It has been a very productive start to the year for me at Athletic. I think I developed my football and was able to help my teammates. I was elected to the team of the championship, we won the title from within. Now I come to Gois at the height of my career. I hope to do my best. To pursue goals,” said defender Sidimar, who is a regular at IDB and will be coach Jair Ventura’s choice in the match.