July 25, 2024

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Brazil should not follow UK lead in fight against Govt-19: Freedom needs awareness

Brazil should not follow UK lead in fight against Govt-19: Freedom needs awareness

The British government abruptly ended the need for masks and vaccine passports, reduced the testing program and ended the period of isolation for positive test takers.

EFE / EPA / NEIL HallThe UK is ending restrictions on fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, including the use of masks.

Cases, with hospital admissions and deaths Govit-19 After the peak it falls almost all over the world Omigron variant, The most vaccinated areas of the world continue to be deregulated and return to normal life before the epidemic. Countries Europeans And regions To us They are already easing rules such as providing evidence for mandatory masks and vaccines. In the states Brazilians Consideration is being given to relaxing the rules for the use of masks after Carnival – whether public events are banned or canceled. Will the party take place And an increase in cases is inevitable. As we rest in our daily lives, it is important for those who are infected to get tested easily and quickly so that asymptomatic people can isolate themselves or take precautionary measures to protect others.

A strategy for survival with the virus with minimal control over the population requires systematic testing to detect in advance the possible worsening of the situation in which controls need to be withdrawn; Or to discover new, perhaps more dangerous variations. And other forms of health monitoring, such as monitoring the corona virus in the sewers, are a measure that allows the infection to be monitored but are not realized by people in their daily lives. Without these measures, if the Govt allows it to be out of control, the current variant could already overwhelm hospitals, and a more dangerous strain could cause catastrophe. To live with a virus and maintain greater independence in daily life, awareness of the health system is essential.

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Brazil is an example not to be followed United Kingdom, Which abruptly ended not only compulsory masks and vaccine passports, but also reduced the testing program and ended the isolation period recommended for positive test takers. Local and health officials in the country expressed dissatisfaction with the abrupt end to all precautionary measures, and some cities and businesses will still continue to comply with the regulations without being forced. These actions are seen by some as an attempt by the Prime Minister to divert the public The latest scandal About government members who do not respect the rules to fight Govt.

Another price for greater domestic freedom may be the continued restrictions on international travel. These are also greatly reduced compared to 2020, but there is less urgency on the part of governments to allow continued travel between countries. After all, it makes sense that fewer people will be affected by these restrictions, and the more control and restrictions are relaxed in each country, the greater the risk of a new variant of the coveted wave coming from outside. Therefore, it is even more important not to receive unvaccinated or infected passengers. That is, a different kind of precaution is needed to extend freedom in everyday life with wisdom.

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