May 20, 2024

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World announces new strategic alliance with US, Australia and UK Indo-Pacific region

World announces new strategic alliance with US, Australia and UK Indo-Pacific region

Considering the growing influence China In the Indo-Pacific region, The United States With announced the new alliance on Wednesday (15) Australia e United Kingdom To strengthen naval capabilities in the region with the new Australian Navy of nuclear-powered submarines.

The announcement was made via video conference with the president Joe Biden, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his British Prime Minister Boris Johnson are sure to annoy France as they negotiate the sale of a billion-dollar traditional submarines to Australia.

The naval team, a French-based defense firm, expressed “deep disappointment” at the news of the move, which appeared to ignore the French-Australian agreement.

Biden said efforts to allow Australia to build nuclear submarines would ensure that “we have the most advanced capabilities for maneuvering and defense against rapidly growing threats.”

The three leaders stressed that submarines would not have nuclear weapons and would only be powered by nuclear reactors.

Although Biden, Morrison and Johnson did not mention China when launching the new alliance called AUKUS, their purpose was clear.

“Our world is becoming more complex, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, which affects all of us,” Morrison said.

Johnson said they would “work with each other to maintain stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region.”

Technical and naval representatives from the three countries will decide how to modernize Australia’s capabilities over the next 18 months, which Johnson says is “one of the most complex and technologically demanding projects in the world, lasting for decades.”

Government official Biden reiterated how unique this decision was, since the United Kingdom was the only country that helped the United States build a nuclear-powered navy.

“This technology is very sensitive,” the official said. “We see this as something unique.”

Secrecy and dynamics

As China builds its own navy and builds decades of U.S. military dominance in Asia, the US official said the formation of the AUKUS was “destined to send a peaceful and firm message to maintain a strong deterrent position,” he was asked to speak anonymously.

He said the new submarines would allow Australia to “play at the highest level”, even without carrying nuclear weapons.

“Nuclear-powered submarines retain the superior properties of secrecy, speed, maneuverability, survival and indeed considerable endurance,” the official said.

“You are going to see a very deep platform in our navies and in our nuclear infrastructure,” the official said.

He added that “this is a fundamental decision” that will connect the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom for decades. “This is the biggest strategic move Australia has taken in generations.”

The French deal is in jeopardy

Biden called France a “key partner and ally” in the Indo-Pacific region in an effort to pacify Paris.

But the regular submarine deal with France is worth about $ 50 billion ($ 36.5 billion), which was personally backed by President Emmanuel Macron.

In June, Macron pledged a “complete and complete” commitment to the deal. But a senior Australian defense official said Australia was considering alternatives at almost the same time.

Australian officials said B was a possible Project B classified information, but the topic has been much talked about in recent months and includes submarines and other vessels.

The AUKUS announcement comes as Australia raises defense spending in response to China’s firm stance.

At the first meeting of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) that unites the United States, Japan, India and Australia at the White House, Morrison will meet again on September 24.

The group is seen as a counterpoint to China’s growing economic and military influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

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