June 23, 2024

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Brazilian evicts countrymen from unemployment in US through documentary productions · TV News

Brazilian evicts countrymen from unemployment in US through documentary productions · TV News

Renon Lincoln, 35, from Santos, left Brazil in 2016 in search of a better life. He was fired from TV Evangelizer and spent four years in different jobs in the U.S. before he implemented a plan to found his production company. Today, he employs only Brazilians and focuses on documentary filmmaking with fellow countrymen who have successfully run businesses there.

“I made over 100 music videos here in America, and it opened in 2020 in the year of the pandemic. The year everyone wanted to forget, right? All of a sudden, I was flying. In that year of the pandemic, I made over 50 music videos,” says Lincoln.

Summit Films’ banner is to strengthen the Brazilian community on North American soil. “We don’t speak the language, we don’t have the same rights as Americans here. So, because we are immigrants, everything is very difficult. In the future, I will also do projects for Hispanic people. Colombians, Mexicans, Latinos in general, but the American people hope that will not happen,” he commented.

His production company’s flagship is the series Cidade de las, which is in its fifth season and received two additional episodes last month: one dedicated to mothers of queer children and another about Mother’s Day.

“We launched a special episode about autism with a 100% social nature. The purpose of the episode is to show the difficulty of being a different mother, a mother of autistic children, but they are still entrepreneurs. My wife Ana Carolina participated. In the documentary my second son is autistic and he was born in America, So talking about it scares me,” says the producer.

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All seasons are available on the project’s YouTube channel, coming to Brazil next year. Lincoln negotiates a package that includes Citadella and two other ongoing projects: The Business Titans and Behind the Kitchen. The first will feature Brazilian construction “titans” and the second will invade restaurant kitchens.

Sara and her mother, Karin Silva, in Ciudad Delas

In total, the Cidade Delas series has already presented the stories of 45 women living in different places – the last one about a Brazilian entrepreneur living in the state of Massachusetts, the first one featuring a business woman from New Jersey.

It all started with a pilot project in 2022. “The idea was to make a documentary aimed at women, in which we showed this view of a woman’s world in business, as well as the difficulties and challenges,” recalls Lincoln.

Now, he has a permanent team of Brazilians, but hires fellow countrymen on a temporary basis for each production. The producer also included tours of Brazilian musicians on North American soil and, in the first three years, the organizational work of companies in various sectors, mainly tourism.

Living in Curitiba before leaving Brazil, Lincoln embodied the American Dream – a popular concept there that included equality of opportunity among other ideals. He didn’t go to college and his first job was at a production company in Santos (on the coast of São Paulo), covering parties responsible for a social program-style project.

When he became the coordinator of TV Evangelizer, Renan Lincoln specialized in video editing. He recalls four years of underemployment, similar to those who work like him now, before buying equipment for his production company.

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“In the beginning, it was very difficult. I worked in a restaurant, construction, food delivery and, little by little, I was able to buy my first camera. I started doing some freelancing, promoting my name in the city I was in. Live in Jersey,” he concludes.