June 22, 2024

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Brazilians leave for the United States tomorrow in search of their missing son

RIO – For two weeks, a Brazilian woman has been appealing on social media to find her 22-year-old son missing in the United States. Karen Oliveira, who was born in Goiás but now lives in Belgium, will leave for the United States on Tuesday to seek information about Geraldo Furquim Vieira Neto, who has not reported to family since the last 10 days. The young man “met with police in Alexandria on the 18th of this month and is in good health” but declined to provide further details due to the US Citizens’ Privacy Act.

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The young man was to be treated by U.S. police as a missing person and the Brazilian needed the help of a friend who lives in the United States to begin the search. On social media, Brazilians said that according to her, the latest information provided by the police did not alleviate the pain. “It made me even more angry and anxious. Something very serious was going on and I would not give up my search until I could prove that he was alive and well somewhere,” he wrote.

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Geraldo was born in the United States and lives in Washington, D.C., where he works as a barber. The only information Karen has received so far is that the son had separated from a co-worker from the company, with whom he shared an apartment, and went to sleep at a friend’s house. In G1, the Brazilian and Geraldo’s friend said he was thrown out of the house after a trip and came there and saw the chaotic place. Since then, the young man has not been seen by neighbors and friends, nor has he searched for his personal belongings.

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The young man turned 22 last Saturday and Karen paid tribute to her son on the internet. “I hope God will bring him back with his infinite love so that we can learn some lessons,” he said.

Through social networks, hundreds of people have shared posters with a photo of the barber, looking for clues to where he is. Geraldo’s case has been in the news in the international media as well.