May 22, 2024

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Labor shortage in transport sector raises fears of shortage in UK National newspaper

Labor shortage in transport sector raises fears of shortage in UK National newspaper

In the UK, fuels are also a matter of national concern. But for another reason.

The country woke up particularly stressed. Images of the fight spread one after another this Monday (27). Faced long queues at British gas stations. In some regions, 50% to 90% of gas stations are without gasoline.

Concerned, medical associations, nurses and caregivers are asking health professionals to prioritize when it comes to products.

The government says there is no shortage of fuel, but a truck driver makes everything reach consumers – including food. Some of the shelves in the markets are empty. Nothing confusing yet, but it makes me anxious.

To the opposition, all of this was declared confusing. Brexit has a problem with the UK’s divorce from the European Union. Long and low wages have already driven many drivers out of business.

The situation is worse because a good portion of the lorry drivers who have worked in the country are from European camp countries. Previously, they were in free circulation. Now, the new frontier bureaucracies are blocking. Many drivers are paid by the distance traveled, not the hours. Any delay will cost them money. With the control of the epidemic, many went home and never returned.

It is estimated that the country needs more than 100,000 new truck drivers. From Friday (24) to Monday (27) the situation is very bad. To try to solve this problem, the Conservative government had to turn to the victims of Brexit: foreign workers.

On Monday night (27), the British government announced that the army would be trained to assist in the supply of fuel if needed.