May 28, 2024

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British politician James Bond is denigrated as a woman

One Conservative UK MP has suggested that inviting women to roles played by men in the first place would leave them without a role model and lead them to commit crimes. Talk of Nick Fletcher The Doncaster show on International Men’s Day is spreading virally on social media.

The video of Fletcher speaking in Parliament was shared on Twitter, check it out:

“Everywhere, not in the field of culture, there is a small but very vocal minority appeal that there should be a female alternative to every male character or model,” the politician declared.

Fletcher quoted James Bond as part of this cultural problem affecting men:

Jodi Whitaker (courtesy) of Dr. Howe

“Look at the discussions about who will create the next James Bond. And it’s not just James Bond. In recent years, we have seen Dr. Hoo, Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker and The Equalizer all transformed by women, and the rest with men Grace and Tommy Shelby. Is it any wonder we see so many young people getting involved in crime? ”

Subdivision refers to twin brothers Ronnie e Reggie Gray, Who turned their crime stories into drama on TV and in movies. In addition, he also talks about Thomas Shelby Chilean Murphy Inside Peeky Blinders.

This talk has been viewed and shared millions of times. Many responded with humor and disbelief. A Twitter user wrote:

“The Tory MP * asks, ‘Why are these women out of the kitchen?’ Another user commented: “Yes, but think of all the women who were guilty but are now on a time travel life saving the universe.”

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Another asked how these men coped when a woman occupied the post of Prime Minister:

After his speech went viral, Fletcher posted another statement on Twitter:

“The very subtle point that positive male role models for boys are low and low was immediately misunderstood. My opinion is actually a straightforward point and does not link Dr. Hu in any way to the crime committed by men.”