June 23, 2024

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Feira Preta hosts Big Johnny (United Kingdom) show and talks about LGBTQIA + music

Feira Preta hosts Big Johnny (United Kingdom) show and talks about LGBTQIA + music

With theme ‘There is a black future, it will not create itself’, 2021 edition Black Fair Festival Is carried out in conjunction with Facebook. Event with national and international attractions including concerts, workshops, concerts, art interventions and panels Will take place until December 10th And it has thousands of products from entrepreneurs across the country that are for sale Markets Partners and Black Exhibition.

In which Wednesday, December 1st, The festival table brings two live events – and free – in conjunction British Council: At first 19 hours, Black feminist punk band Big Joni (UK) concert; 9pm, Rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and tribal activist and LGBTQIA + Kat Mirim Conversation with the cultural producer Chartin Taylor Stone, UK, LGBTQIA + Fight for Rights and Its Impact on Music, With mediation Jacqueline Fernandez, The creator of the Latnidates Festival, the largest festival for black women in Latin America and the head of the institute Aphrodinas.

LGBTQIA + Music and Big Joni Concert hosted by Feira Preta (United Kingdom)
LGBTQIA + Music and Big Joni Concert hosted by Feira Preta (United Kingdom)

Last Monday, the Fair Preeta hosted a conversation about the festival night and activity Flip Couto (Amen Collective) and Nadine Ahmad (Pxssy Palace Platform – UK).


Feira Preta Festival 2021 – There is a dark future that cannot be created alone
Date: December 1st
Talk about the big Joni concert (UK) and LGBTQIA + music
Format: Online – via social networks on Feira Preta – @feirapretaoficial
Tickets: Free
Table: Festivalfeirapreta.com.br

About Black Fair

Created as an exhibition of products for black entrepreneurs by Adriana Barbosa in 2002, the event is today the largest cultural and entrepreneurial exhibition in Latin America, bringing content, products and services that represent the most innovative, innovative and creative in various categories. It is the largest living mirror of Afro-contemporary trends in Latin America, the best place to evaluate Afro-entrepreneurial initiatives from various disciplines, from technology to literature, from music to the digital arts, always presenting the most urgent and futuristic in reflections of black existence.

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Feira Preta 2021 is realized with the realization of PretaHub and Facebook. It also has partnerships with Assaí Atacadista, iFood, Mercado Livre, Instituto C&A, Converse. British Council, US Embassy, ​​via, Fundação Casas Bahia and Instituto Moreira Salles, CEERT, GIFE and MOVER. As more functional affiliate networks, we have partners such as Oxalá Produções, MOVA, Terra Preta Produções, Casa Natura Musical, Ayo Produções, Oliver Press and Gentilização.

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