May 29, 2024

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Broadcaster makes a slip over Globo

Broadcaster makes a slip over Globo

Fausto Silva has no popes on his tongueIt does not stop installing or The son, Joao Guilherme, who debuted alongside him in the band. He made a mistake that hasn’t gone unnoticed by those in the studio, which will definitely be edited out on the show’s broadcast.

If there was any doubt that the presenter would be lenient with the heir, he showed that there was no place for privilege on his stage.

splash The recording of “Faustão na Band”, which will be broadcast next Monday (24), was accompanied by the day of “Pizzaria do Faustão”. The broadcaster welcomed the world’s former spouses Clipper Toledo and Camila Queiroz and the Ropa Nova group.

On several occasions on the show, Fausto played with his son – as he would any guest. Once, he pulled the novice’s ear with a direct reprimand: “If you get out in front of the camera, we’ll thank you,” he picked up his cries.

João Guilherme was also the target of his father’s jokes – even the bolder ones with dual meanings. The boy mentioned that he likes a certain pizza called hippie camargo, which gives an indication of trolling.

“Are you going to eat a hippie?” Faustau asked.

Commercials Do Blain Upline, Operations!

Faustão usually says who knows, he does it live, but the show is taped to the band. That’s why the home audience won’t see a slip from the presenter, who once thought he was at Globo’s studio.

Calling the trade break, Fausto said, “Immediately after the Plame Plame ads.” He quickly corrected the sentence: “Immediately after the band’s announcements.”

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