May 29, 2024

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Buckell announces that the Armed Forces will have between 20,000 and 40,000 soldiers in five years

The president said the number of military components would double as part of Phase 4 of the regional control plan announced this Monday during an event in the former Barracks in El Jabot.

President Naib Bukel announced this afternoon that it was implementing the fourth phase of a so-called “infiltration” regional control plan as a result of recent gang actions, such as the killing of four students in Ahuchaban.

According to the President, the new phase will begin today with the entry of new personnel from the Armed Forces, but it will take five years to complete, with the number of soldiers expected to rise to 20,000 to 40,000 during this period.

Evidence that the regional control plan did not have the expected results in the area is that the government launched the fourth phase this Monday without completing phases 2 and 3 of the security plan and taking the territory from the mobs.

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Buckell used the oath of allegiance of 1,046 new soldiers to launch the new phase of the program, which, according to him, signified a greater military presence in the region, despite the fact that the Armed Forces could only support the National Civil Police (PNC) in public security operations.

The event took place at the Plaza Memorial in the former Barracks of El Jabot.

“On this day, in front of these 857 men and 189 women we will be graduating from this promotion, in an advertisement that brought more than 20,000 members to the Armed Forces. I would like to start the fourth phase, which is called ‘Raid’,” he said.

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The president pointed out that new military personnel would be stationed from Tuesday to provide security for people on the streets, public transport units and historic centers.

The President reiterated that the first phase of the defense plan has already been completed and he expects to receive the funds already guaranteed for the completion of Phases 2 and 3 in the next few days. It was announced this Monday that it will be running for five years.

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“The Armed Forces will have 40,000 units, plus PNC. Each gang member will have one person providing security,” he pointed out during the speech.

On July 7, the Legislature approved a $ 109 million loan for the third phase of the Defense Plan, with the Central Bank for Economic Integration, under a plan to modernize citizen security facilities. According to lawmakers, this will contribute to the strengthening of the National Civil Police and the Army.

Various departments have questioned whether the expected results of the regional control plan are not available.

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