September 24, 2023

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Nicaragua: “Armed people will never be crushed”: Ordega shouts violence on the anniversary of the Santinista Revolution | International

Daniel Ortega, President of Nicaragua, took to the streets of Managua this Monday, July 19.STRINGER / Reuters

Chairman Nicaragua, Daniel OrtegaOn July 19, he led the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Chandinista Revolution in a political action in Old Square, where guerrillas proudly entered after being overthrown. Dictator Anastasio Somosa Far from that guerrilla label, the colorful political rally reaffirmed the image of the president, who seeks to stay in power by eliminating the electoral race, by imprisoning six opposition candidates.

For the third time in a row (2019, 2020, 2021), this July 19, the main date of Santinismo, the Plaza La Feville Ortega will not have its traditional mass bath. The stage was again mounted at the Plaza de la Revolucion. In a restricted environment, the president was accompanied by the vice president Rosario Murillo, His children, heads of government agencies, the headquarters of the police and the army he controls. The “people” who came with him were members of the Sandinista youth, seated in a circle, surrounded by a large select star, which had been used the previous year as well. What attracted the most attention, however, was the absence of international figures – even unconditional officials Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia-, one that clearly demonstrates the isolation of the regime, which is the result of an expansion of repression.

One of Ortega’s only international guests, dressed in Cossacks, greeted the anniversary of the revolution on behalf of his country in a language unknown to Nicaraguan: Abkhazia. He was president of the Microstate, and was only recognized Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and other small island nations of Oceania.

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Ortega clarified Vladimir Putin’s relationship with Russia. In parallel to what he did in Managua, he said there would be a state visit to Moscow led by Finance Minister Ivan Acosta and his two sons. “The empire wants to suppress the Russian People’s Republic of China. They are crazy! The powers that be want to subjugate countries like Nicaragua,” he said of Washington and the European Union. Sanctions against the Santinista regime To suppress political repression and the electoral space.

Relations between Nicaragua and Russia have become more pronounced in recent weeks as repression against the enemy intensifies. On June 30, Managua signed a trade and economic agreement with the Republic of Crimea, a disputed peninsula by Russia and Ukraine. The most recent statements of Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sajarova on July 9, in which she supports Ortega’s stories, confirms that a “another plot” similar to the explosion in Nicaragua is in preparation for the April 2018 social event.

Threat to enemies

Beyond the political instruments, which included a lengthy concert with songs praising nationalism, anti-imperialism and violence “to defend sovereignty”, Ordega used the act to speak out against businessmen and to intimidate opponents.

“The united people will never be defeated. The armed people will never be crushed! We have an army to defend and contribute to the protection of national sovereignty and a police force fully engaged in the protection of the civilian population,” the Sandinista leader said. Ortega stressed that his government had thwarted the coup attempt, adding that “they have put terrorism into practice in Nicaragua.”

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Ortega He was isolated and had to resort to his songs and signs of the Santinista revolution. He also looked like he was pretending to threaten his own people by saying that armed people would not be oppressed. But the main thing is that he creates an enemy to maintain his dictatorship. It was seen in the models of fascism and dictatorship. The United States needs it as a major adversary to justify repression, ”Elicio Nice, former deputy leader of the opposition, told EL PAS.

Former Vice-Chancellor Edepsia Dupan said the July 19 action was aimed at encouraging increasingly declining sites with revolutionary slogans, according to recent opinion polls. Dupan, who was deported to Costa Rica, said: “As the last referendum on the formation of the United States proved, the Ordega regime is very isolated.

After announcing that he had approved a 5% pay rise in Nicaragua, Ortega blamed the businessmen for maintaining a “dialogue and consensus” relationship with him that broke down in 2018 as a result of violent repression.

“It doesn’t work, it gives evidence to those who call for the closure of companies (salary increases): cow-curdling milk merchants. They have no choice but to continue working because they succeed. Even if they complain, they succeed. If anything happens they are pathetic.” He has no sensitivity to the people, ”Ortega said.

According to former Vice Nice, Ortega’s “economy is the best asset.” “This is an economy that has not changed for more than twenty years. He continues to do what other governments have done in this regard.

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