June 23, 2024

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Building collapse in Sicily leaves three dead, six missing

Building collapse in Sicily leaves three dead, six missing

The four-storey apartment building in Ravanosa, Sicily, which collapsed after a gas explosion – Vigili del Fuoco / AFP

Three people were killed and six missing after a four-story building collapsed in an explosion on the Italian island of Sicily, officials said.

Two women were rescued alive from property in Ravanosa after the collapse Saturday evening.

The death toll from the disaster changed throughout the morning.

The regional civil protection unit in Sicily confirmed at 10:07 GMT (7:07 GMT) on Sunday on its Facebook page that three people had died, not four, as previously reported.

Rescue teams with specialized dogs searched the rubble this Sunday in an attempt to find the missing people.

Television footage showed large amounts of rubble in the area where the building once stood, as well as damage to nearby properties.

According to the authorities, who opened an investigation, the cause of the explosion may be a gas leak.

“The gas may have found a hole,” the chief of firefighters in Agrigento County, Giuseppe Merendino, told Rainews24.

“The gas bag was then fitted with a transverse actuator: a car, an elevator, an apparatus,” he explained.

Shortly after the explosion on Saturday night, the mayor of Ravanosa, Carmelo d’Angelo, made an appeal on Facebook to anyone with “shovels and a tractor”.

“It was a disaster,” he said.

About 50 people were displaced, according to D’Angelo to Rainews24, after it was established that nearby buildings were also damaged by the blast.

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