June 22, 2024

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Bulbo, Coral, 13 and Medusa: Four activities that seek to recover more than R13,500 million from the state

Governments have been trying for decades to curb the corruption that plagues the country by creating various measures, including making laws, without getting much results in this matter.

Over the past eight months, however, the Office of the Special Advocate on Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) and the prosecution have been trying to recover stolen property from the state through corruption.

The two companies have launched dozens of raids since last December, where they have arrested several officials accused of embezzling at least $ 13,500 million, according to documents submitted by the Ministry of Public Works.

Among those operations aimed at recovering state funds, the “anti-octopus operation”, which included about 38 raids across the country, arrested 10 people, accusing the public ministry of embezzling more than R4 billion.

Among the experiments conducted last December was Fernando Aquilino Rosa Rosa, former chairman of the Patrimonial Fund (Fonber) of reform organizations; Former Public Health Minister Lorenzo Wilfredo (Freddie) Hidalgo Nice; Former Director General (Oso) Francisco Bagan of the Office of State Supervising Engineers.

Carmen Magallis Medina Sanchez, former vice president of Fonbur; And his brother Juan Alexis Medina Sanchez.

Aquilese Alejandro Christopher Sanchez, Julian Esteban Suriel Chuvaso, Jose Dolores Santana Carmona, Rafael Antonio Germoson Andazer and Domingo Antonio Santiago Munos completed the group of ten.

The process was followed by “Operation Coral”, which was launched last May, mainly by senior military officials led by former President Danilo Medina’s former defense chief.

Involved in the case

In this case, General Adon Benoni Caesars Sylvestre, Colonel Rafael Nice de Asa, Pastor Rosie Mabeline Guzmn Sanchez, Tanner Antonio Fletz Guzman and Alejandro Jose Montero Cruz have been detained for three years, one of which is a former Minister of the Interior. Religious who was responsible for managing and diverting more pesos. In the case of Major Raul Crohn Jimenez, he is under house arrest after cooperating with his statements with the Ministry of Public Works.

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A few days later, the Office of the Special Advocate Against Corruption and Harassment carried out Operation 13, whose main defendant was Louis Michel Dicent, a former director of the National Lottery, who they pointed to as the leader of a mafia state with more than 500 million pesos, and hundreds of national and international bankers, On were conducted with a fraudulent fraud.

In this case, defendants William Rosario and Eladio Batista are being held in custody in Najo in addition to Dicent, while Valentina Rosario Cruz, Jonathan Priya, Carlos Periget and Felipe Santiago Torrebio are under house arrest and electronic bracelets.

Last on the list, so far, is “Operation Medusa”, where officials estimate that more than 6 billion pesos have been swindled, the highest of the four processes carried out.

Former Republican Attorney General Jean-Alain Rodriguez has been jailed at Ciudad Nueva Palace since his arrest last Tuesday afternoon. Many properties.

Prosecutor Mirna Artes, on behalf of the state ministry last night, filed a request for a degree of coercion, demanding a one-year remand against Rodriguez and several of his close associates.

In addition to this case, the former Attorney General, Rafael Antonio Mercedes Mart்ட, who was in charge of the accounting department of the Attorney General’s Office, has also been detained.

Altacresia Gillan Calzado, who served as managing deputy director;