June 16, 2024

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The Maduro regime wants to use the Cuban vaccine Abdala for children in October

Dictator Nicolas Maduro announces that children and youth in Venezuela can be vaccinated against COVID-19 with the Cuban dose of Abdala by October, The WHO has not yet approved the use of the vaccine and companies in Venezuela are questioning its effectiveness.

“It is very likely that the medical trial of Cuban girls will be completed by October, and schools and high schools may start vaccinating boys and girls. We are moving forward with a plan, but with a proper plan,” Maduro said in a speech broadcast on Venezuelan state television.

On Tuesday, Venezuelan authorities began vaccinating people against COVID-19 Cuban vaccine candidate. Donations from Havana have recently arrived in Venezuela and are part of the government’s mass vaccination program. The two countries have signed an agreement to deliver 12 million doses in the coming months.

Some Venezuelans and opposition groups have blamed the lack of information on the vaccine campaign.

On Twitter, opposition leader Juan Guide’s Communications Committee announced: “Now we, the Venezuelan people, are completely insecure and without the possibility of choosing without the approval of the WHO, before imposing the biological product Abdallah. We demand all approved vaccines.”.

Illustrative stock photo of a nurse holding a vial of the Aptala Corona virus vaccine. June 23, 2021. REUTERS / Alexandre Menakini

Venezuela’s National Medical Academy also showed up Concern over announcement of vaccination with Cuban vaccine candidate Abdallah What, Is the highlight, “Experimental development”, After a batch of these drugs arrived in the country.

The National Academy of Medicine (…) expresses its concern at the introduction of the Venezuelan population of products of dubious scientific credibility.“In a statement, within minutes of officials announcing the arrival of the first batch of vaccine candidates, a 92.2% efficacy was announced two days ago, according to preliminary results.

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On the other hand, The Pan American Health Organization (PAO) reiterated it on Wednesday The Abdala vaccine is not approved for emergency use By the World Health Organization (WHO).

During the company’s weekly press conference, Zarboz Barbosa, PAHO Deputy Director asks Cuban authorities to release vaccine data “In scientific journals”. Also, after The Venezuelan dictatorship announced this week that it had begun to use the formula, Stressed the importance of informing the Brazilian physician about the assessment and accreditation procedure in the country.

On the day of vaccination, today in Caracas (Venezuela), the Venezuelan people are waiting to receive the Cuban vaccine in the Abdala test against COVID-19
Venezuelans are waiting to receive the Cuban vaccine in Caracas (Venezuela) today, one vaccination day, in the Abdalla test against COVID-19 .EFE / Miguel Guterres

“Abdala vaccine makers, once they have completed all the processes of Phases 1, 2 and 3, can publish this data in scientific journals so that the scientific community can evaluate and learn in a public way.”Barbosa pointed out.

The PAHO deputy director explained that if Cuban officials wanted to add their vaccine to the Kovacs mechanism, “they would have to seek approval from the WHO for emergency use.” “To that end, a study is needed to ensure that production is in line with good vaccine production practices, and a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of all phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials.”

After Venezuela announced that it would start using the vaccine, Barbosa clarified that it exists in every country Freedom Concluded, but clarified: “No. Prejudices Oh Control For any vaccine, we always recommend that countries’ regulatory authorities provide information to their people in the most transparent manner, They assessed how the assessment process was (and) what the accreditation status was ”.

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