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By knocking on the lid of the coffin, the Peruvian woman “wakes up” while she is awake

Published on 05/03/2022 16:17

Image copyright PUBLIMetro Image caption Rosa’s relatives were stunned when they heard chimes and movements coming from the casket during the procession that followed the city cemetery

A Peruvian woman “wake up” during her life funeral Last Tuesday (4/26) everyone who was in the place was frightened by the lid of the coffin that was.

Rosa Isabel Calaca was found dead on April 25 after being in a traffic accident in Chiclayo, Peru. According to information received from the Argentine portal infobaeThe death was confirmed at Lampai Regional Hospital after the accident that also killed the woman’s brother-in-law.

Rosa’s family was astonished to hear the knocking and movements from the coffin During the procession that followed the cemetery of the city of Ferenavi. Then the lid was opened and the woman opened Eyes open and have vital signs.

“She opened her eyes and was sweating. She got to my office and called the police,” according to the cemetery director.

The Peruvian woman was taken to the Vernevé Referral Hospital for examination by a doctor who found that she still had vital signs. Hours later, she could not resist her injuries and testified to her eventual death.

Previous investigations indicate that Rosa was sent to the morgue by the first hospital staff and received without proper analysis of vital signs.

Alibio Rivas Guevara, Peru’s regional health director, said he still did not have the bulletin of professionals who treated the woman and that the case was under investigation. The victim’s family said they intended to request an exhumation to find out the true cause of death.

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