June 23, 2024

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Caio Ribeiro says he had a 'candid talk' with Neymar, admits the ace may not have heard and says behind the scenes: 'I upset him'

Caio Ribeiro says he had a ‘candid talk’ with Neymar, admits the ace may not have heard and says behind the scenes: ‘I upset him’

Caio Ribeiro revealed that he gave some advice to Neymar and pointed out the mistakes made by the ace

Neymar Had a poor performance in the 0-0 draw of Brazil against ColombiaLast Sunday for the qualifiers. The ace was, as expected, the most talked about topic by sports critics.

After a strong statement that he is tired of football and that 2022 may be his last world CupStar Paris Saint-Germain Warn of the psychological pressures on a high-level athlete.

during the Flow Sport Clubpodcast not youtube Cayo RibeiroThe former player and commentator revealed a conversation he had with the star about the frequencies that Neymar emits on the field. According to the former striker of flamingoAnd Sao Paulo NS Brazilian national team, was a “frank talk” with the ace about how the press handles the mistakes he’s been making in his career.

According to Caio, Neymar may not have taken the conversation seriously, but he ensures that the striker knows it All the advice given was from a friend who only wants the best of the other.

In the case of Neymar, People go over the limit (in reviews). “Often he veers off course, hitting him head on,” Caillou said, complementing the conversation he had with the ace.

‘You (Neymar) will be upset, you may not like it, but one day you might.’ I said: ‘You are wrong about this, this and this (With some situations) This will hurt you. I, on the other hand, know how the head of the press works. beauty saidKayo said.

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“Maybe he logged the information, he knows I spoke for his sake. Maybe it went in one ear and out the other, the way he took it in, I’m not inside his head. As a friend, I needed to talk. He’s not anymore. Boy, he’s responsible for everything he does.” We just need to understand the other side. I’m not talking about the night, the carnival. I want to know if he performs in the stadium,” he explained.

Also during the interview, Caio Ribeiro says Neymar is very upset With all the criticism he has long received. The former player warned of the psychological problem and compared the star’s situation to that of Simone Biles, who stopped competing in some tests at the Tokyo Olympics due to emotional problems.

We know how upset he is. He knows he didn’t play well. My job is to say he’s not feeling well, he should leave, even though it’s hard to get the star out. I’m tired of everything. I wanted the pandemic to bring thinking, I wanted the same affection with which they look at Simone Biles and look at Neymar with the same human side. “Let’s look at it the same way,” Caillou said in conclusion.

“They are of the greatest of all times, no one talks about the poor thing, but before the athlete, there is a human being. Everyone fails one day. And on the day of failure, there are those who step on their heads and reach out their hands. I am different, as a commentator,” he summed up.

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