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From midfielder to midfielder, Chai debates and emphasizes the importance of Botafogo's team

From midfielder to midfielder, Chai debates and emphasizes the importance of Botafogo’s team

Last Sunday was marked by a reaction Botafogo In a 1-1 draw against Atlético jovalid for the third round of Brazilian. After receiving the first goal, Luis Castro The team changed the field, leading chai. The player not only responded, but changed the midfield of Alfinegro. Even outside the original position, the player had a direct involvement in the play that resulted in the special goal, which equalized the score. In times of main-team reconfiguration, the number 14 jersey shows signs of his ability to contribute to Serie A as much as he did last season.

Shay entered the stadium in the 12th minute of the second half. At Antônio Accioly, the midfielder made a touch 37 times on the ball and created opportunities for the offensive sector. In the team that preceded Luis Castro, he emerged as the defensive sector official as a midfielder. Although not accustomed to playing the role, the player outperformed five of the eight duels in which he participated. In addition, he cut and hit his only attempt to dribble. In the exchange of passes, he had 92% of success and hit four of his five long balls. Data from SofaScore.

Although the 14th jersey did not appear much in the opponent’s area, as usual, he also did not disappoint in the formation. Chai’s releases were instrumental in making Botafogo finally move into play without the need for a traditional midfielder. It was even from the long ball of the player who Saravia The ball crossed to Anderson’s foot, who, under pressure from Alfinegro, scored his own goal.

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At the end of the match, Luis Castro explained the change of position as a side effect of Botafogo’s position to risk seeking a tie. In this chart, Chay entered as a base piece.

We control the game in the first half and in the second. The first was more stable during what the match was about, and in the second we had to take a lot of risks. We had to play with Chai as a midfielder, Nascimento at the age of 10, Gustavo and Victor open, with Saravia and Daniel. Patrick, though directed, to move forward and made several requests. The team was all facing forward. What Botafogo brought to Goiania was his desire to get three points. Not possible, the team showed it actually creates. He said it was strange that we only got him in the 97th minute.

This season, Chay has had few chances to enter the field. At the beginning from rioThe midfielder was still in transition and returned to be included in the match against Resende. In the semi-finals of the tournament, he provided two assists in a 2-1 win over Fluminense. In the Brazilian, the player started as a key player in the previous two rounds, but did not stand out much. However, the performance against Atlético-GO gives confidence.

At the start of working with Luis Castro, he asked the number 14 shirt about passing. The coach himself has stated that he is still getting to know the team and hopes to see if the players live up to expectations. If there was any doubt before about Shay’s performance in the Italian league, the last round not only removed the question for the time being, but also proved that the athlete is capable of playing in different tactical schemes in competitions.

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