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Can AI become self-aware?  - 06/18/2022 - Helio Schwarzman

Can AI become self-aware? – 06/18/2022 – Helio Schwarzman

Blake Lemoine, a Google engineer who believed that a The company bot will become consciousTravel on mayonnaise. It is clear that we do not yet have the technology to manufacture self-aware machines.

The bot that Lemoine interacted with to reach its hasty conclusion is an artificial intelligence that delves into trillions of pages of human conversation and, from that massive sample, attempts to produce compelling dialogue. It is a tradition, not a speculative reflection. It is enough to pass the Turing test, which is somewhat outdated, but is not classified as a moral subject.

However, Lemoine raises an interesting question. Will we see artificial intelligence with consciousness? book indigo Seth, which I talked about a little while ago brings us illuminating passages about this question, while I remain an atheist about the answer. For most philosophers of mind, who espouse functionalism, consciousness is information processing, regardless of the medium in which it occurs.

It doesn’t matter if they are live cells or integrated circuits. Along the same lines, but more naive, there are the discerning enthusiasts, for whom it is sufficient to cross a certain threshold of intelligence to reach consciousness.

Seth remembers that things could be more complicated. It all depends, of course, on our model of consciousness. One of the most famous neuroscientists is consciousness as a self-monitoring system. The need to survive and in balance has made us constantly develop and access feelings and emotions to know how we are and to anticipate the challenges the world presents to us. In this model, it is difficult, though not impossible, to separate consciousness from the deep materiality of life.

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The moral of the story, for cognitive science and for life, is that intelligence is not synonymous with conscience.

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