July 19, 2024

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Candidate dies after failing civil police fitness test in RN |  great northern river

Candidate dies after failing civil police fitness test in RN | great northern river

A candidate died after falling ill during a physical aptitude test (TAF) for the Civic Police Contest in Rio Grande do Norte on Wednesday (1). The name of the candidate was not mentioned.

The candidate fell ill during the race. According to the civil police, he received medical attention on site and was taken to the UPA in Cidade da Esperanca. He died in the hospital unit at night.

According to information from the Civil Police, the candidate is from Sergipe State and submitted all medical examinations which indicated that he was fit for a physical examination.

In the physical assessment, candidates undergo four tests: the stationary bar lift, the sit-up, the horizontal jump and, finally, the 2,100-meter run, which must be completed within 12 minutes. Anyone who does not complete any of these tests fails. The candidate who died suddenly fell ill in that last test.

The competition is organized by the GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation. g1 has sought FGV and is awaiting placement.

The RN Civil Police Civil Service Examination Public Notice was published in November 2020. There are 301 vacancies, all at a higher level: 47 vacancies for delegates, 230 for police officers and 24 for staff. Salaries are R$16,670.59 for delegates and R$4,731.90 for the agent and employee.

Written tests were postponed due to the pandemic It was held in July this year. during the tests, Candidate arrested on suspicion of fraud.

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