May 22, 2024

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Covid in Uberaba: R$220 million spent on Saúde Jornal da Manhã

Covid in Uberaba: R$220 million spent on Saúde Jornal da Manhã


For former Secretary, Vice Mayor and President of CODAU José Elias Miziara, one of the water supply solutions in Uberaba is the so-called deep wells (600m). Each of them, which would supply the area, would cost about R$7 million.

small beach

Although this is not an end-to-end solution, the engineer is defending the Brianha Dam, which should be ready, he says. He stressed that problems of a technical nature are solved by technical studies.


Jose Elias told “Pingo no J” (Rádio JM) he was unaware of the study they say has been in place since 2001, but says the Rio Grande takeover was discussed in Hugo Rodrigues da Cunha’s second semester.


A survey conducted by a specialized company at that time (three decades ago) indicated the need for equipment worth $40 million. He also mentioned the costs of electricity and water treatment.


DEM and PSL leaders in Brasilia are discussing merging the two acronyms for the 2022 election. Apparently, the Democratas name will be kept. In Uberaba, Luiz Guarreta leads the DEM and Deputy Healy Grillo PSL, for which he was elected.

change in the sky

Starting in October, Sky (pay TV) subscribers will be able to use DirecTV GO. Will this Sky play be shutting down on a date to be determined, being unavailable for tablet, cell phone, smart TV and computers. DirecTV will be accessed with the same login used for Sky, and subscribers will have at their disposal more than 70 live TV channels as opposed to the currently 53 channels.

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one agenda

With the support of Shopping Uberaba’s supervisor, Guilherme Vila, several representatives of the business community are coming together to prepare a single list of demands in the three areas of government. ACIU, CDL, Sindicomércio, Shopping Shopkeepers Association and Fecomércio de Minas participated in the first meeting of this goal.


The retail and service sector itself is considered oppressed by the government. It generates two out of every three jobs in the state, but it contains no federal, state, and municipal incentives.

Folder exchange

New changes have been enshrined at the first level of City Council, which include the dismissal of FUNEL President, Edgard Silva Jr. Advocate Caio Presoto became Chief of Staff and Delvanera dos Reis Perez as Regional Affairs Adviser (a position of Secretary).

The question of formations

The inversion of ranks between Pressoto and Delvanira results from their respective profiles. The lawyer is more technical, while the former director of FIEMG is more political. Mayor Elisa told the column that they were both absolutely confident, and that Delvanira’s profile was better suited to the government’s desired territorial movement.

Helio Angotti

In another measure by Representative Aelton Freitas, the federal government issued R$1.5 million to Helio Angote Hospital to obtain a mammogram.


Today, physics professor Eber Chaban teaches about telescopes.

More and more powerful telescopes. For what purpose?

The history of practically large telescopes began with Hubble, which was launched in 1990. Superb magnification, superb definition, and still makes images that leave us speechless. He’s an old acquaintance of ours, but he’s just the first in a long list of names we can’t even pronounce, like Spitzer, Corot, Herschel, Wmap etc. All of them try to see farther and farther.

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The question is: why?

Our universe is so homogeneous, the galaxies in our neighborhood are like other galaxies far away, so why this curiosity to always see farther?

It’s just looking away, we see the past.

Electromagnetic waves, like light, propagate in a vacuum at a speed of 300,000 km/s. It seems like a lot for our small distances here on our little planet, but when it comes to the stars, it’s almost nothing. The closest star to the Sun, Proxima Centauri, is located at a distance of 4 light years, that is, its light takes 4 years to reach us. When we look at it, we see light emitted for four years. In conclusion, we see it as it was four years ago.

Science really wants to know how the universe came about, we know that it appeared 13.8 billion years ago, and we also know that the most distant objects our telescopes have seen are at a distance of 13.4 billion light-years. When making content, we conclude that we are seeing 13.4 billion years in the past.

We see something that happened only 0.4 billion years ago when the universe appeared.

The farther we go, the more of the past can be seen.

Discover the origin of the universe. Is it worth a lot of investment or not?