May 29, 2024

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Carlisle's brother says the former mayor is doing better, but the photo requires attention

Carlisle’s brother says the former mayor is doing better, but the photo requires attention

Ciro Pedrosa told the story that the politician Betim will be moved to the intensive care unit and will undergo a series of neurological tests.

Former Betim Mayor Carlisle Pedrosa, 70, who was admitted to Unimed Hospital on Wednesday (15), is not expected to be discharged. Just before 22:00 on Wednesday (15), the reporter spoke with businessman Ciro Pedrosa, brother of the former mayor, who said his brother was doing better and would undergo a series of tests, such as catheters, to diagnose the situation and “get to know the true extent of the problem.”

“He responded well after arriving at the hospital, but at the moment the extent of the problem is unknown. Everything indicates that it was a heart attack, as he was unconscious for a long time after being ill, at home, and his breathing was very low,” Ciro said.

He continued by saying that Carlisle will be transferred to the intensive care unit this evening, and that on Thursday (16) he will undergo a series of neurological examinations “to see if he will suffer the consequences.”

According to the businessman, the brother woke up and became very restless in the hospital, which, according to him, may be a positive sign, and therefore he needs anesthesia. “He was fine. He was even talking on the phone with a friend when he felt bad and fell on the couch,” Ciro jointed.

Also, according to him, his son Bruno Pedrosa and his wife Silvana were with the politician at that time. They were watching the Atlético vs Fluminense match together. “Once he fell, both teams noticed and actually called a team from Samu, which was advising on resuscitation maneuvers. The team got home and continued to work, thank God, resurrected,” Ciro reported.

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In a statement, UNAMID only confirmed that the former mayor of Betim had been hospitalized, and that he was being monitored by the medical team, but did not mention the details of the health situation.

Carlisle felt sick at home, in an Angolan neighborhood, and the family called a team from the Emergency Medical Care Service (Samu). Specialists needed to perform resuscitation maneuvers for the former mayor, who had suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest, before being taken to hospital.

previous problems

Carlisle has a history of health problems. In January 2014, he underwent heart surgery to correct a heart problem, placing a ring in the organ’s mitral valve. In December 2015, he fell ill again, as he was taken to a hospital in Belo Horizonte due to a stroke.

Carlisle served as mayor of Betim for three terms, in addition to being elected a federal deputy and holding other public office.

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