October 1, 2023

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Carolina Echeveria’s widow fears for her life: ‘We must protect ourselves’

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The gang member arrested this Thursday and involved in the murder of a former Honduran Congresswoman Carolina Echeveria Holoc This provoked a reaction from various sectors of national life, including her husband, lawyer and former police colonel Andres Eurdeco Giamport.

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Eurteco (68), who was wounded in the July 25 attack on the couple’s residence in the Lomas del Mayab area of ​​the Honduran capital, later said he was satisfied with the arrest of the suspect. Denise Abel Ortones (27 years old) was arrested in the Villa Nueva area of ​​Tegucigalpa. It will be a gang member of ‘18’.

“I am satisfied at work DPI (Directorate of Police). I hope the investigation will continue and they will arrest the five people who were involved in my wife’s death and who fired more than 50 shots, “Hare Sam told the Broadcasting Corporation.

On the other hand, Yurtecho Giamporte expressed that he felt that there was a threat in the country as a result of the events that took place at his home in the afternoon. “In such a violent country, we must all fear for our lives and find a way to protect ourselves.”

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At 6:00 p.m., the widow was wounded in an attack by five men who entered the home, dressed in bio-protective clothing and pretending to be doctors and nurses from the Antigovit Brigades, located in the residential area. The DPI views the move as a “fraudulent mechanism”, the first of which was presented in the company’s report several days later.

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Trust officials

“I hope they will continue to work and catch those who have killed someone who did no harm. I trust the DPI. If they catch one, it will not be so difficult to arrest others,” Eureko Giamborde said. The attacker was shot and reported to have a “very serious” infection. He also pointed out that he has not recovered from Govt-19. “I’m still in bed. I hope I can get rid of this a little bit if God gives me strength and life,” he stretched.

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Former Liberal deputy Carolina Echeverria has died at the age of 63 after being shot several times in her home. Gracias Dios represented the department in the National Congress from 2006-2010. On November 28, 2021, he will be a candidate for the legislature in the same field and is designed to take a seat for a second time.