June 23, 2024

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They control the sale of chicken in the big supermarkets in the capital

Santo Domingo, R.D.

Required The new chicken exploded unusually in supermarkets and shops Because people refused to consume pigs infected with African swine flu (ASF).

Such as supermarkets Bravo and La Sirena yesterday limited the amount of chicken their customers could buy Packages three and four per person seem to be a rationale for avoiding scarcity.

The The chicken pound was up to RD $ 90.00 at some grocery stores yesterdayIn supermarkets it sold for a whole pound free chicken for RD $ 72.95, RD $ 73.00 to RD $ 74.95 and RD $ 109.00.

Although Officials say the African swine flu, which affects swine, is not harmful to people. This week people have turned to chicken consumption in rejection of pork.

This information has been confirmed Powell Concepcin, former president and current director of the Dominican Poultry Association Who promised that the same amount would be sent to the chicken market, but this week the demand of the people has increased dramatically.

Although demand is expected to decline in the coming weeks, The association has started importing poultry with about 50 lorriesWhat he said will help against this unexpectedly high consumption.

Regarding the increase in the price of chicken meat, Concepcin explained that the pound on the farm continues to sell for RD $ 42.00 And there are independent producers who can take advantage of the predictable situation, as well as some intermediaries such as grocery stores and stalls at various intervals.

“If intermediaries see their product being sold, they may sell it at a higher price, and they will increase it until they buy it,” said the poultry trader, and go to the National Institute for the Protection of Consumer Rights (ProConsumidor) to find out which businesses are guessing prices.

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He pointed out that 10% of manufacturers and 90% of intermediaries may be involved in the speculation process.

Explained Farm price allows one pound of chicken to be sold in markets up to RD $ 60.00 or RD $ 65.00.

Powell Concepcin explained it Poultry meat is the top seller in the Dominican market, accounting for 50% of consumption. Pork is in second place with about 30%, so, in the face of swine flu, poultry consumption has increased by almost 80%.

The government creates the commission
This Wednesday The government was formed by the Ministry of Agriculture A commission, which includes the Dominican Republic’s military and emergency operations center To eradicate African swine flu in the country.

This information was released by the Director of Presidential Communications Milacros German, who presented the official plan of Agriculture Minister Limber Cruz.

For this work he, The US government provided high-tech equipment It will allow you to actively diagnose the disease.

Explained Affected pigs are cut Producers will also be compensated by the Agricultural Bank for their expenses.

Since last weekend, the country’s swine industry has been known to suffer from African swine flu.