July 24, 2024

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Casemiro criticizes the arbitration after errors in Remo and Cruzero: ‘Horvel’

Casemiro criticizes the arbitration after errors in Remo and Cruzero: ‘Horvel’

Photo: Playback / Twitch – Amazon Prime

Casimiro during a live broadcast on Tuesday (20), on Twitch

Commentator Casemiro Miguel, live on Tuesday (19), criticized the Brazilian referee after watching the best moments of the match. Irregularities in bids.

“I’ll tell you, a lot of crazy. It’s only in those moments that we realize the judging is horrible. We know the judging is horrible, but we’re used to a very awful level,” Casemiro said in a Twitch broadcast.

In the first goal, referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique, who is the referee of the Cear√° Football Federation, saw no mistake in Willian Oliveira. Cruzeiro midfielder was pushed by defender Daniel Felipe from Remo before scoring in the 22nd minute of the second half.

In Remo’s second goal, a double offside signaled by Nelton Junior’s assistant de Souza Oliveira. After Marlon’s free kick, Anderson Ocha, already in an erratic position, cleared the ball with his header. Leave it to Daniel Felipe who shook the nets of Pino. However, the Remo defender was offside at the time of his teammate’s pass.

On the other hand, Casemiro thought the referee was right when he scored a penalty kick for Cruzeiro over striker Gag. Midfielder Joe Paulo missed the charge. “My daughter! What a small boat, huh…” said the influencer.

After his defeat in the first leg, Cruzeiro needs to pursue the result of qualifying for the last 16 of the Copa del Rey. The return duel is tentatively scheduled for May 11. However, the Celestial Club is seeking to change the date, as Mineiro will host a display of American band Metallica on the 12th. If the CBF does not comply with Raposa’s request, the match should be in Independencia.

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Cruzeiro’s defeat by Remo in the Copa del Rey