October 4, 2023

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Tombense saves the hosts and loses to Cear in the third stage of the Copa del Rey

Photo: Israel Simonton/Sir

Vina scored two goals in the 2-0 win over Tompensi

With an alternative formation, Tombense defeated Serre 2-0, on Wednesday (20), at the Soares de Azevedo, in Moorea, in the Zona da Mata in Minas Gerais. With another one since the start of the second half, Gavio Carcar did not know how to take advantage of the advantage and saw the opponent build a great result in the first leg of the third stage of the Copa do Brasil.

Coach Hermison Maria banned key players who were already targeting Cruzeiro in the third round of the second division of the Brazilian championship. The two teams will face each other on Saturday (23), at 7 pm, in Morea as well.

To survive the knockout competition, Tombense would have to beat Cear by three goals in the second leg. Victory with two goals will decide the preference in the round of 16 for penalties.

The decisive duel is scheduled to take place on May 11, at 7 p.m., at the Castillo Stadium, in Fortaleza.

the game

The first half was well balanced at the Soares de Azevedo stadium. Needing the score to take the lead in the dispute for a place in the round of 16, Tombense did well. But the technical quality of the midfielder Veena, from Ser, frustrated the plans of the Minas Gerais team at the start of the match.

In the 13th minute, the base hits goalkeeper Felipe Garcia’s corner in a perfect free kick: 1 to 0.

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However, Tombense was not discouraged by accepting the goal. The Minas Gerais team threatened Foso with strikes by Marcelinho, who blocked goalkeeper Joe Ricardo. Striker Mingotti and midfielder Jean Lucas also passed close to the opponent’s goal.


In the final stage, Tombos club continued to impose its strong rhythm and almost reached the equalizing goal in the first minutes. In a gentle escape to the right, Mengotti was mistakenly stopped at the entrance to the area.

Defender Messias was fired for killing the promising move. In the free kick, Marcelino hit the crossbar.

After that, Mingotti missed an incredible opportunity. The striker arrived to find the ball after a beautiful cross from the right, but the ball passed over the goal.

Despite Tombense’s large playable volume, the one who hit the target was Cear. Veena was meeting the net again. He received the midfielder inside the area and cut the mark and hit the right corner of goalkeeper Felipe Garcia: 2 to 0.

Grave 0 x 2 CEAR


Felipe Garcia-Reginaldo (Manuel), Roger, Jordan, and David; Gustavo (Cel), Ricardo and Igor; Jean Lucas (Gabriel Henrique), Marcelino and Mengotti (Everton).

Coach: Maria Hemmerson.


Joe Ricardo, Michelle McDow, Messias, Gabriel Lacerda, Kelvin; Giovanni, Lou Rafael (Weskeley), Rodrigo Lindoso and Lima (Lucas Ribeiro); Eric (Mendoza) and Fina (Nino Baraba).

Coach: Dorival Jr.

art paper

The reason: the third stage of the Brazilian Cup will go

Date: Wednesday 20 April 2022

Location: Soares de Azevedo Stadium, in Muria

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Referee: Diego Pombo Lopez (BA)

Assistants: Alessandro Lavaro, Rocha de Matos and Elicarlos Franco de Oliveira (BA)

Fourth official: André Luiz Schettino Policarpo Pinto (MG)

Goals: Veena, 13 minutes from Q1 and 35 minutes from Q2 (Cear)

Yellow Cards: David Luzi Ricciardo (Tompense); Gabriel Lacerda, Lou Raphael, Giovanni and Richard (Sir)

Red Card: Jesus (Sir)