July 20, 2024

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Cat described as human rabies vector found, says doctor

Cat described as human rabies vector found, says doctor

The cat that would infect the teenager human anger In the Federal District it may have been found on Thursday (14/7). The information has been confirmed for capital Cities by the doctor who takes care of the boy and his family, Walter Gaia. However, the report found that the Ministry of Health is still running many tests to see if the cat, in fact, has the disease.

According to Gaia, cats, since they are live, would not be carriers of rabies in humans. In general, when these animals are infected, Dies in about 10 days.

“Being the final carrier of the virus, he will get sick and die, within a maximum period of 7 days, with a safety margin of three days, and complete 10 days. If the animal survives after 10 days, the case is already ruled out and the person proceeds with his life normally. The disappearance of the animal would have occurred in The period from June 8 to 9. There was no temporal plausibility because on this date something had to happen to him. Gaya, a physician, a physician in the DF Health Department and working in the hospital nucleus of epidemiological surveillance at Sobradino Regional Hospital said , “He can’t be alive.”

According to the file, the young man was infected by cats on May 25. The director of epidemiological surveillance at the DF, Fabiano dos Anjos, explains that on June 15, the patient started showing symptoms and, five days later, sought care.

When the Department of Health confirmed the human infection with rabies, the director of environmental monitoring for the Federal District, Laurisio Montero, stated that it was not possible to locate the cat that scratched the young man. The family reported that days before the patient entered, after a quarrel with another cat, the animal had disappeared.

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“In the investigation, it was possible to gather information that on the night of 18 to 19 (June), there was a cat fight. A two-month-old cat participated in this fight and disappeared. He commented at the time.

path of infection

The director of epidemiological surveillance of the DF, Fabiano dos Anjos, explained the course of the infection since May 25, the date of the boy’s infection: “On June 22, the file was notified of the case. A day later we had a technical visit and met with the Ministry of Health. On June 24, the assessment and prevention were carried out People who have been in contact with the suspected animal,” he says.

On July 2, the secretariat sent the boy’s examinations to the reference laboratory. Two days later the result was positive. Alternate rabies 3 none of the bats.

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