June 16, 2024

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ARAGUATINS: Community health and settler agents demand salary adjustment

ARAGUATINS: Community health and settler agents demand salary adjustment

The Community Health and Epidemiological Agents of Araguatins, Municipality of Pico do Papagayo, Department of Aquiles da Areia (PP), on Wednesday, 13th, demanded compliance with the laws formalizing the salary increase for professionals.

Jair Bolsonaro’s government regulations meet what defines Constitutional Amendment No. 120, of May 5, 2022, approved by the National Congress. According to the rule, the federal incentive to fund these professionals must not be less than a minimum wage.

Community health and endemic factors are the eyes and ears of the Unified Health System (SUS) in the Brazilian home. Professionals are essential for integration between primary health care services and the community, and they must be associated with Basic Health Care Units (UBS) and approved by the Ministry of Health.

However, the city council will not pass the updated salary values.

The municipal health secretary, Dorace da Silva Gómez Borges, received a group of professionals, who, according to them, said that before promoting the readjustment, a bill would be drafted and sent to the city council, to deal with the special matter. Retirement for minimum salary and health, plus five-year additional career plan questions and other counterpart expenses to be paid by the city council.

The professionals requested that the municipal administration have sensitivity and understanding of the need for flexibility in the process, as the class had been waiting about 10 years to readjust.

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