September 29, 2023

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Ceni explains the last minute exchange in São Paulo and says: "It could be 1 to 0 for anyone" |  Sao Paulo

Ceni explains the last minute exchange in São Paulo and says: “It could be 1 to 0 for anyone” | Sao Paulo

Coach Rogerio Ceni appreciated his competitive spirit Sao Paulo Avoid significant criticism of the team’s performance in 1-0 defeat Botafogothis Thursday, at Nelton Santos Stadium, for the twelfth round of Brazilian. At a press conference, the coach saw the balance in the fencing.

His net conceded only the second half, but the first half was competitive. We were able to play with three defenders, and that gave us the edge with the ball, and we stayed longer with the ball. We tried the long balls. It’s a very closed team, bad grass, little space to work – he explained.

– In the offensive dead ball, a corner kick that was not well taken, we took the ball with Nestor and lost the second ball, Botafogo in his midfield had the opportunity to hit the goal. Very difficult game. The score could be 1-0 for both sides. “There was no escape from that,” he added.

Rogério Ceni of the Botafogo x São Paulo team – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

The coach regretted the lack of opportunities in attack. Calleri, for example, only served once, with a dangerous kick in the final stage.

Ceni commented that he replaced Gabriel Neves with Diego Costa minutes before the start of the match to respond to the Botafogo team, who also chose a scheme with three defenders. The idea of ​​reversing the opponent was realized after the announcement of the Botafogo team.

– It had something to do with Botafogo’s step, yes. When I put on Diego, wanting to carry him more, I asked him to inform Botafogo 50 minutes in advance, so that they would not be surprised by the lineup – he argued.

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Thursday’s negative result interrupted the 15-game unbeaten streak Sao Paulo in season. The team remained with 18 points and occupies fifth place in the Brazilian League.

The next appointment is set for Monday, 20:00 (Brasilia time), against leader Palmeiras, in Morumbi.

BEST MOMENTS: Botafogo 1 x 0 Sao Paulo, in the 12th round of Brazil 2022

BEST MOMENTS: Botafogo 1 x 0 Sao Paulo, in the 12th round of Brazil 2022

Check out more answers from Rogério Ceni:

Marcus Gellherme
No sign from me (signature), no player needed at the moment. Every name that is speculated is hearsay. I have no indication. a Sao Paulo Production isn’t dropping, she played well against Coritiba and Corinthians away from home. Today here the grass stands in the way of the game as a whole. It has become a competition, a battle on the field.

We try to increase the volume in the midfield, win in the midfield. On the left it worked. On the right, Rafinia produces more on the four lines. But I think today everyone tried to do their best and compete as much as possible. Some games may lack the fastest player, but today they are much more combative.

Mark 50 matches in this clip
The pitch is heavy and I don’t guarantee that any player will be decisive. Rigoni and Andre tried, and we tried with four socks. I think we lost in the physical strength of the opponent. I didn’t know I played 50 games today, but I think the coaches need more marks. I think the celebration is too little. People who have played 1000 games, celebrating 50 games is weird.

injury issues
– Every team we had at our disposal was present. We can’t get away from it here. At Sul-Americana, we can travel with one team and leave the other to train. Today we are traveling with 21 players off the field and the others are injured. The material we have today is to try to get it back to play against Palmeiras.

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