June 23, 2024

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Imagem de: CES 2022: veja o gabinete com ventilação automática da CyberPower PC

CES 2022: Watch the CyberPower PC’s auto-opening case

CyberPower PC was presented on Wednesday (05), during CES 2022The new Kinetic series case, inspired by futuristic architecture and equipped with automatic air outlets. The front panel is made of triangular sections that open and close as needed. Reduce the internal temperature Act the computer.

During the show, Nam Huang, Creative Director at CyberPower PC, explained the purpose of construction and made the following comment regarding the new design a product: “We strive to think Beyond aesthetics And we devote ourselves more to the honest, practical design that had a purpose. We ask ourselves: Can a closet do and be more than a hole punch? “.

“With this curiosity in mind, the CyberPower PC team started thinking about what a PC would need to make it happen best performanceHe continued, “The device is able to analyze the internal temperature of the system, and then the device is able to analyze the internal temperature of the system 18 fans I know bypass, if the temperature is high, or if soughtTo reduce noise and dust ingress.

The new CyberPower PC case still has no release datesource: Play / YouTube

“This design can create an industry-wide creativity rush that fundamentally changes the way we think about design.” In the official site From the manufacturer, the product is only listed as “Coming Soon”, no release date Known. There is no Price forecast for the kinetic chain.