June 3, 2023

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Chile's House of Representatives approves the impeachment of President Sebastian Pinera |  Globalism

Chile’s House of Representatives approves the impeachment of President Sebastian Pinera | Globalism

House of Representatives in Chile This Tuesday (9), after a discussion that lasted several hours, agreed, and Opening Accountability from the boss Sebastian Pinera In connection with the sale of a Dominga mining company in the Virgin Islands as a tax haven. The case was revealed in a collection of reports called Pandora’s Papers.

The parliamentarians succeeded Gather the necessary votes 78 for the prosecution to submit to the Senate.

An impeachment needs a simple majority to pass the House, but the Senate requires two-thirds of the vote.

Chile’s president, Sebastian Pinera, in October 2021 – Photo: Esteban Felix/AP Photo

After being formally notified of the decision in the House, the Senate will have up to six days to schedule the vote.

If the indictment is approved in both houses, the president will be removed from office and will not be able to exercise public office for five years.

The request for removal was submitted by the opposition on 13 October. The five members of the review committee voted on Friday (5) to reject the indictment.

Documents revealed by the Pandora Papers indicate that Pinera may have committed wrongdoing in the sale of a mining company.

The indictment includes the sale of the Dominga mine, owned by the family of Chilean president to businessman Carlos Alberto Delano, and an operation in the British Virgin Islands (a tax haven).

The deal took place in 2010, when Pinera was in his first term as president.

Chile’s Public Ministry has opened an investigation to determine whether bribes and tax violations were paid in the transaction.

An opinion poll revealed that 67% of Chileans agreed with the accusation against Pinera.

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