June 24, 2024

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China has blamed a cyber-attack a few days before the Ukrainian invasion.  Confirms UK Inquiry - Observer

China has blamed a cyber-attack a few days before the Ukrainian invasion. Confirms UK Inquiry – Observer

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This is the first time such an accusation has been leveled that it could sideline China in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. According to the British newspaper The Times, citing information from Kiev’s intelligence, Beijing carried out a cyber attack Ukrainian military and nuclear installation just days before the start of the Russian invasion.

With this cyber attack, and more 600 websites owned by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense were attacked, And there have been attempts to target other departments of the Kiev government, such as the national banks, the Ministry of Finance or the country’s railway sector. The aim was to steal data that would give clues as to how it could harm the infrastructure of Ukrainian citizens.

According to the Ukrainian Information Service, after the end of the Winter Olympics, a large number of cyber attacks were attempted, mostly by Russians, but also by some Chinese. “Particularly complex incursions include China’s campaigns,” the Ukrainian government note, which was seen by the Times, states, “the state nuclear regulator and Ukrainian research website focused on nuclear waste.”

All of this information indicates that China was informed in advance of the Russian invasion. It was announced a few days after the occupation of Ukraine Beijing is said to have asked Moscow to delay the start of the war until after the Olympics.Although such information is denied by Chinese sources.

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China will ask Russia to postpone the invasion until the end of the Winter Olympics

The Times asked Steve Chang, director of the Sauce China Institute in London, who said that “the number of people involved in cyber activities is enormous, which indicates that there are many employees in the Chinese Communist Party who are dedicated to this kind of activity.” “If they have to work in Ukraine, they are working in favor of the Russians,” he said, adding that the “impacts” of this action would lead to sanctions in the West.

For now, Western intelligence has not officially confirmed the presence of Chinese cyber attacks in Ukraine. But the UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Center is “investigating these allegations with international partners”. On the US side, according to the Telegraph, information services point to the veracity of Chinese computer attacks in Ukraine.

China says it is seeking peace in Ukraine “in its own way” at a summit with the European Union that has warned of the consequences of its alliance with Russia.

China has never condemned Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, but has not officially supported it. At the United Nations General Assembly, Beijing diplomats refrained from condemning the Russian invasion.

Western nations, however, have issued several warnings to China. This Friday, the European Union warned that if Beijing decides to support Moscow, it could face repercussions. Announcements are in the same order Joe Biden On March 18, the US president warned of “impacts” and the risks to China if it backed Russia.

Amid threats and denunciations, the call between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping did not clarify China’s position on Ukraine.

On February 4, China and Russia signed a document condemning the unstable influence of military alliances in the United States, Europe and Asia, and said they were “against NATO’s future expansion.”

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