June 20, 2024

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Christian Figueiredo Apologizes To Dynho Alves After Podcast Controversy: 'I Was Wrong'

Christian Figueiredo Apologizes To Dynho Alves After Podcast Controversy: ‘I Was Wrong’


Christian Figueiredo has recorded stories apologizing to Dynho Alves with whom he participated in a podcast yesterday (05)

Christian Figueiredo sends a direct message to Dynho Alves
© Reproduction / Instagram christian_figChristian Figueiredo sends a direct message to Dynho Alves

Christian Figueiredo spoke Wednesday evening (06) After Dynho Alves recorded stories that he would “break” YouTubers and podcasters After the controversy the two had on the ‘Eu Fico Loko’ podcast. In the videos, Christian apologized for being uncomfortable while recording.

“Guys, then, I’m in a hurry, I just landed here in BH (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais), I wasn’t going to comment, but I saw it There were some stories about the topic that happened yesterday, and for me that was already over… But in the face of all these repercussions, I want to speak now from the heart: to you, Dino, I apologize if you feel uncomfortable on the program,” he began.

Then he asserted, “I want to apologize to you if the questions crossed your limits. At no time did I mean to mock your content and your work.. We asked a few things about the controversial moments in ‘A Fazenda’, and I saw you took the heap there: I was wrong to continue to Something you weren’t open about, but you were the one who said those words, and you were bothered to insist on the topic.”

Nobody was right

then, Christian claimed that everyone who attended the podcast table at the time was wrongBut he stressed that Dynho should have been looking for him to solve any problems, rather than recording Stories with threats.

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“I am aware: No one at that table was right. Everyone there was wrong. And I am the man who came here to take my fault for making you feel uncomfortable. The end. Anyway, thank you for your apology to Zoo (Christian’s wife), now, if Your problem was with me, now talk to me, if you don’t know how to solve things peacefully, this is your problem. What are you looking for with these “You’re going to break me” stories. you are crazy?“, Been completed.