June 21, 2024

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Chrome reaches version 100 with new code after 8 years;  See more news |  Browsers

Chrome reaches version 100 with new code after 8 years; See more news | Browsers

a Google Chrome It reached version 100 with a new code. After eight years of the same design, the icon was redesigned and acquired a “flat” look, without brighter shades and colors. In addition to this new design, the browser google It gained new features, with an emphasis on online security. Update is available for windowsAnd the macOS And the linuxthrough the browser settings, and for Android And the iOSAcross Google Play Store and gives App Storerespectively.

Google releases Chrome version 100 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS – Photo: Playback / Google

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What’s new in Chrome 100

Despite being a round and imposing number, version 100 isn’t broken or full of new features. It is part of the regular update cycle of googlewhich is released every four weeks and brings bug fixes, security patches, and general improvements.

But this does not mean that there is no news. One of the most important is Security Confirmation, a feature that checks the security of your browser and passwords. There is also a new Safe Browsing mode, which includes File Protection Malware And the Phishing. Both are found in the Privacy and Security menu, under the Desktop version settings.

Adhering to the aesthetics of modern googlethe new symbol for Chrom Perfectly removes shadows, acquiring a “flat” appearance. The blue circle in the middle has become larger, reducing the area for the red, yellow, and green slices. To compensate, the colors became brighter.

a google Also modify the design according to the platform so that the icon looks native to the operating system. The last code change was made in 2014, eight years ago.

Comparison of 2014 and 2022 Google Chrome Icons – Photos: Play / 9to5Google

How to update a file google Chrom

in the browser windowsAnd the macOS And the linuxopen the menu, enter “Settings” and click “About” google Chrome”. The browser will then start checking for the update and will install the update automatically. In the end, just restart Chrome to get version 100, which is also available on google Play Store, for Androidand on App Storeabout iOS.

Google Chrome gets updated through desktop browser settings – Image: Reproduction / Raquel Freire

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