September 24, 2023

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Claudia Litt forced to finish her show in Caruaru ahead of schedule: "Arasada"

Claudia Litt forced to finish her show in Caruaru ahead of schedule: “Arasada”

The singer, who prepared a two-and-a-half hour show, received the news on stage

Disclosure / Karwaru City CouncilClaudia Litt was one of the attractions of the Sao Joao party in Caruaru, Pernambuco

the singer Claudia Let introduced through Saint John Festival in a city Karwaru, in Pernambuco. After about 40 minutes of the show, the artist was informed on stage that she needed to finish the show that took place last Saturday, 4. Claudia, who was surprised, asked her: “Is this serious? Is he really serious? I’ve got a two-and-a-half hour show ready to do today.” Speaking to the audience, she lamented, “We’ve spent this whole week rehearsing bringing Sao Joao, because we’re from the Northeast and we have Northeastern music in our veins. We prepared a lot to be here, but I just knew we had to finish the show. I didn’t sing Louise GonzagaI didn’t sing Dominguinhos, I didn’t sing Elba [Ramalho]The singer did not hide her disappointment and suggested she finish her performance the next day. “Can I sleep here to do it tomorrow? I open, I don’t know. It’s a lot of music [que tenho para cantar]. “Broken, I don’t even know what to do now, I got lost everywhere,” she said during the show. The pan youth I contacted the Caruaru municipality and inquired about the reasoning behind closing the show, but got no response.

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