June 6, 2023

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CNN launches its own streaming service in the United States

CNN launches its own streaming service in the United States

US $ 100 million investment in network site (Credit: Disclosure / CNN)

CNN News Network launched the CNN Plus streaming service in the United States on Tuesday (29) and entered the on-demand service market.

The network has invested more than US $ 100 million in the project, which has been in development since the second half of 2021. This service will compete with entertainment sites such as Netflix and services that focus on news content. Fox Nation, ABC, NBC and CBS.

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To take advantage of the innovation, North American viewers have to pay US $ 5.99 per month for the new service, which is a way to watch the network’s news programs, new shows and more than 1000 hours of original shows. , Travel and food types, presented by Stanley Ducey and Anthony Bordain and movies.

“We will only be a global video-based news subscription business,” said Andrew Morse, CNN’s chief digital officer and CNN + chief.

One of the problems identified by the company is the advanced age of the cable channel viewers. According to Nielsen, the majority of the network’s audience is over 60, and the need to update this audience has led the company to turn its efforts towards a greater digital presence.

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