June 24, 2024

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US, UK warn of Russia's ceasefire guarantees

US, UK warn of Russia’s ceasefire guarantees

US President Joe Biden. (Photo: Getty Images)

After talks between Ukraine and Russia in Turkey, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken responded with suspicion to Russia’s announcement of withdrawal of troops from the Kiev and Chernivtsi regions. According to Blinken, “the United States does not see any sign of serious seriousness on the part of the country led by Vladimir Putin.” Russia has something to say and Russia does. We are focusing on the latter, ”he told a news conference.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also expressed distrust of Russia. In a meeting with ministers, he said a ceasefire from the Ukraine war would not be the only reason for lifting sanctions against Russia. “The pressure on Putin is to ensure a complete reversal of Russia’s course by providing new economic measures and military assistance,” Johnson’s spokesman said.

According to a spokesman, the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine would be a “good start” to a change in the UK’s position. “We will judge Putin and his regime by their actions, not their words,” he declared.

The reports come just hours after the first round of talks between Russia and Ukraine, which appear to have made real progress. Russia has said it is ready to expedite a possible meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zhelensky – which rejected the idea until their meeting – and has said it will withdraw troops from northern Ukraine.

As for the United States, Russia’s announcement that it will reduce hostility around Kiev may be a means of “trying to mislead Russia once again and deceive the people into believing that it is not doing what it is doing.” “If they somehow believe that the attempt to subdue the eastern part of Ukraine and the southern part of Ukraine ‘only’ in quotes will succeed, again they are deeply mistaken,” he declared.

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The US Secretary of State urged the troops to “end the occupation now, stop the firing, withdraw your troops and of course engage in negotiations.”

During a meeting between the two countries on Tuesday, 29, an attack was carried out on the southern Russian city of Mikolaiv, killing at least 7 people and wounding 22 others. One of the buildings affected by the blasts was the city government building.

After the talks, Vladimir Medinsky, head of the Russian delegation, told the Russian state news agency Tass that the reduction of military operations in the north did not represent a ceasefire. “This is not a ceasefire, but our aspiration: to at least gradually reduce the conflict on these fronts,” he said.

NATO meeting

Following the Ukraine-Russia talks in Turkey, Ukraine and several non-aligned countries have been invited to attend a two-day meeting of NATO foreign ministers next week, according to a report by the Brussels-based military alliance.

NATO said the invitations went to “foreign ministers from Australia, Finland, Georgia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Sweden and Ukraine, and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs.” The meeting is scheduled for April 7.

Some coalition members met almost Tuesday after the meeting. The White House says US President Joe Biden had an hour – long talk with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. There is no word yet on what was said in this call.

Turkey is making progress after a meeting hosted by Erdogan

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Contrary to the distrust of NATO allies, Turkey saw Tuesday’s talks as a step towards ending the war. “This war, which has claimed thousands of lives and displaced millions, must be stopped,” Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in a televised address.

According to Cavusoglu, the next step in the talks will be for the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers to meet on Tuesday to “shape the most common understanding” reached.

The country accepted a position of mediator between the two warring countries and held talks at the Dolmabahe Palace in Istanbul, which was the last residence of the sultans’ phosphorus and the last administrative site of the Ottoman Empire, which now holds offices. Before the debate began, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey was “waiting for good news all over the world” for the presidency. (With international agencies)