May 30, 2024

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ConectaSUS down: See alternatives for proof of Covid-19 vaccination |  the health

ConectaSUS down: See alternatives for proof of Covid-19 vaccination | the health

Since the early hours of Friday (10), the Ministry of Health website, application and ConnectSUS page – a platform that provides certificates of vaccination against Covid-19 – After the pirate invasion. The problem also affected the disease case reporting system.

Vaccination guide Wanted in more than 240 Brazilian cities To access some public and private places, according to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Municipalities (CNM). Nineteen capitals also require document viewing (See the list here).

The document is also required in many places to receive the second dose or booster dose.

Through the ConnectSUS app, vaccinated people can be issued a national Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

With the system off the air, see the alternatives to prove vaccination:

After receiving the vaccination, you should have received physical proof, in which the manufacturer, the amounts of the immunizing agent and the date of application of the second dose are noted.

To prove that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19, you can provide physical evidence. Remember to have a proof of the two (or three) doses or one dose on hand.

in a Belo Horizonte e Rio de JaneiroFor example, municipalities have already announced that they will accept paper receipts. Department of Health in Minas Gerais He also stated that the physical card is valid; The same thing happens in Biao no defender.

Municipal and state applications

Some states and municipalities also have vaccination data on local websites and apps.

in a Sao Paulo, the receipt-issuing state platform, VaciVida, It is not affected and works normallyAccording to the state health department. Proof of vaccination in the digital version can be accessed in the state through the application digital savingsby cell phone. The document provides information on the doses, date of vaccination, name and registration of the site, manufacturer and batch number of the applied vaccine. The tool also allows you to download and print the coupon, if required.

The city of São Paulo also has its own app for accessing vaccination information eHealth SP.

in a SalvadorThe city provides a digital vaccination card, which is an alternative to proof of vaccination. The tool is freely available on the site. throughout the national territory. Access here Step by step document issuance.

in a RecifeAlternatively, residents have the app. ConectaRecife, can be accessed via City Council website Or download it for free as an app on the Play Store, for Android, and the App Store, for those using iOS. It is necessary to log in to inform the CPF number and password. Access here Step by Step.

the great northern river He has a state system, and Note more vaccine. The tool was developed during the pandemic by the Health Innovation Laboratory of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (Lais/UFRN) and has been used by the state government and municipalities in the administration and application of doses of immunizing agents. See step by step how to access the document here.

For those who have taken the vaccine Campo Grande, access is very similar. Just access the app Campina Grande Vaccine with CPF and date of birth and also press the “Vaccination Card”.

the Holy Spirit Allows access to the coupon through the platform Vaccine and trustlaunched by the state government in July of this year. Vaccination guide also guarantees Discounts in some establishments of victory.

information retrieval

According to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, vaccination data will be retrieved in the federal system. Visit Belo Horizonte on Friday, The minister said population data “will not be lost”.

“This data will not be lost, the Ministry of Health has all the data, it is just a matter of restoring this data and making it available to the community,” he said.

Earlier, assuming the author of the attack, “Lapsus $Group” wrote “Contact us if you want to recover data”.