July 24, 2024

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Coop launches obesity prevention campaign

They are everywhere. In your fast food, going out with your family, meeting your friends. Ultra-processed foods such as soft drinks, snacks, sausages (sausages, ham and salami), instant noodles and stuffed biscuits, among others, are real health villains because they have little or no nutritional value. They contain a large amount of salt, sugar, oils, unsaturated fats, colorings and flavors. Some factors explain their prevalence, such as the rush of daily life, lack of nutritional education and the ease of finding them on supermarket shelves, often cheaper than fresh foods.

Low in nutrients – Therefore, people acquired a nutrient-poor diet that caused a real epidemic of obesity and diabetes, especially in large cities – including those in Brazil. Data from the 2019 National Health Survey, released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in October last year, revealed that the proportion of obese people among the population aged 20 and over doubled in the country between 2003 and 2019, From 12.2% to 26.8%.

higher It is important to remember that this data is from before the pandemic, which means it could be higher. Given this troubling scenario, Unimed Curitiba is launching a campaign to warn about foods that pose a high risk to the body, but appear healthy. The pieces warn of the dangers and invite people to seek information about the nutritional values ​​of what they are consuming. Food has been compared to monsters that threaten people’s well-being.

palate – According to Fernanda Justus Maluchelli, Member of Unimed Curitiba, who specializes in endocrinology and metabolism, “In addition to the severe damage to health caused by the substances in this type of food, there is also a change in taste when eaten in excess. The person who chooses to accumulate sodium sugar, fats and toxins rather than ingesting nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and other elements found in a normal diet are essential to the proper functioning of the body.” However, the expert points out that the change in eating habits can be gradual and related to taking care of the choices, making the right substitutions even during leisure time. A tip from nutritionists to maintain food quality is to peel more and dump out less.

reflection – According to Valeria Lopez, Marketing Supervisor at Unimed Curitiba, “The campaign is designed for people to think about how they eat and is meant to encourage prevention and control of obesity. We hope that viewing certain foods as evils will encourage substitution for more nutritious options.” On the other hand, the collaborating endocrinologist wonders, “If everyone’s life has changed drastically with the epidemic, then food has also been interfered with. Perhaps taking care of good nutrition for the body has not received much attention, which is understandable. But it is always time to return to good habits. And change the routine.

Materials – The campaign contains web banners, LED panels, social media posts, posters, elevator posters and other physical items. Broadcasting began on August 5th.

data sheet

Agency: Bronx

Client: Unimed Curitiba

Campaign: Obesity

Creative Director: Alexandre Silvera

Editor: Alexandre Silvera and Fabiano Teixeira

Head coach: Martin Castro and Jason Barros

Illustration: Paulo Almeida

Presented by: Miron Jr.

Media: Flavia Stam and Luis Oliveira

Attendees: Paula Cinello and Bruna Lorenzo

Approval: Rachid Traya, Valeria Lopez and Bruna Kotaka

About Unimed Curitiba Unimed Curitiba is the largest healthcare plan operator in Paraná and is among the largest in the Unimed system. Founded in 1971, completed 50 years in August 2021 with more than 4,600 collaborating physicians of various specialties, serving more than 550,000 customers with 1,600 people among the staff and providers in its accredited network, including hospitals, clinics and laboratories (being one of the examinations and analyzes own clinical unit – Unimed Laboratório – which contains a mega unit). The cooperative has several remote service channels and 20 face-to-face service units distributed in Curitiba and municipalities in the metropolitan area.

confessions – The Unimed brand is the 26th uninterrupted best, by the World Brand Awards, which annually recognize the major brands in the world, and is also the only Brazilian brand selected in the health insurance category by the National Award. Unimed Curitiba has been recognized by the Great Place to Work (GPTW) as one of the top companies operating in Paraná, the ninth largest health plan in the 2020 edition of the Valor 1000 award, and is ranked 59th among the world’s 500 largest companies. South and ranked 23rd among the 100 largest in Paraná according to the 2020 survey of the Grupo Amanhã Project, the most important regional ranking in Brazil. Learn more through unimedcuritiba.com.br Or access collaborative networks on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. (Click on Unimed Curitiba)

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