June 21, 2024

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Copa do Brasil: Buser is promoting and Rooster fans can go to Curitiba for R$13

Copa do Brasil: Buser is promoting and Rooster fans can go to Curitiba for R$13

Three buses will leave with fans of Gallo Belo Horizonte towards the Copa del Rey final in Curitiba.

The first match of the Brazilian Cup decision will be on Sunday (12) in Mineirao, and the grand final between Atletico and Atletico PR will be on Wednesday (15) at Arena da Baixada in Curitiba. Buser, a bus rental company, and sponsor of Galo will take 120 athletes to the capital of Paraná for return tickets worth R$13.

To participate in the promotion, a fan must do so Pre-registration on the platform’s website Until Friday (10). Tickets for the match in Curitiba have not yet been sold and Buser is relying on the start of sales to issue tickets on the platform. Flight sales are expected to begin on Monday (13).

Buser will provide three buses with beds to travel from Belo Horizonte to Curitiba. To confuse, fans need to purchase a ticket for the game. It is also necessary to have a complete Covid-19 vaccination schedule, as well as submit a negative RT-PCR test, which is taken within 72 hours prior to the flight.

The departure of the fans of Minas Gerais from Belo Horizonte will be on Tuesday (14), a day before the match. The ball rolls to Furacão and Galo at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday (15) at Arena da Baixada. The return trip for the masses will be on Thursday (16).

“Buser was with Rooster and the fans in winning a double championship in Brazil. Once again, we will be with the Atlético fans at the Copa do Brasil final. If there is an event that has difficulty reaching the miners, Buser wants to help in some way. The Democrat on access to transportation is not just door-to-door. We live this every day, as a purpose of life”, says athlete Marcelo Vasconcelos, Buser co-founder.

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Step by Step
1 – The fan must register at https://buser.com.br/atletico.
2 – Those who register will receive a confirmation email, for access, with the following steps.
3 – Those selected will receive a new registration email, with the offer link released and flight information.
4 – The traveler will be directed to a specific box, which the Buser sales team will judge via WhatsApp.
5- The sales team will check the data again, via the terms of use, before making a reservation for each participant, following the criteria of the documents to be sent: ticket + vaccination card with complete vaccination schedule + PCR test – a negative RT procedure within 72 hours before boarding the bus.
6 – Finally, the passenger will receive a flight confirmation email.

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