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Leclerc finds a wall, but repeats bullets in FP2 on a tense day in Jeddah

Leclerc finds a wall, but repeats bullets in FP2 on a tense day in Jeddah

Formula 1 Live 2022: Free workout for the Formula 1 race for Saudi Arabia | instructions

Not even a missile attack in the vicinity of Al-Dairi Street grandmotherin an oil refinery owned by the giant Saudi Aramco, Formula 1 I decided to continue on Friday (25) and end the day with second free practice on country night. The atmosphere of tension was palpable, but the world of Formula 1 decided it could move on. The leader, in the end, was Charles Leclerc.

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The fact is that the training was carried out while the information on security issues in the vicinity F1 confluent. At first, F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali said he felt safe. Later, Mondial and the race’s promoters said they were in contact with authorities and would continue to operate over the weekend as planned.

On the right track, the Ferrari dotted again with Charles Leclerc. The blacksmith again used the soft tires Max Verstappen I looked at the average tires and capitalized. Even with a crack in the wall that ended his training session early, Monaco finished the day on top of the two sessions.

Behind Leclerc, Verstappen, Carlos SainzAnd the Sergio PerezLewis Hamilton, George Russell, Lando Norris, Esteban OconValtteri Bottas and Yuki Tsunoda Close top 10.

On Saturday, the third free practice is scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. (Brasilia time). Classification begins at 2 pm. a grand prize Follow all GP activities in Saudi Arabia He lives And the at At present.

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Photo from FP1 in Jeddah showing thick smoke in the background (Image: Reproduction/Twitter)
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Find out how the TL2 went:

After the explosion in the oil refinery, which is located just over 10 km from grandmotherduring the first free practice of the program Formula 1 With the Yemeni rebel group Al Houthi claiming responsibility for a missile attack, network drivers gathered to talk about the Free Practice Day sequence in Saudi Arabia. The situation caused a 15-minute delay in the workout, but they went to the track anyway.

The track less hot than in the initial training makes a lot of people run out. The second free practice is at the same time as Saturday’s qualifying and Sunday’s race, and thus provides a clearer guideline for conditions. With everyone on track in five minutes, Charles Leclerc He was already laying a lap similar to the one that FP1 drove.

Meanwhile, the TV picture showed how a porpoise appeared in a car Lewis Hamilton: Recoil was notorious. The seven-time champion even requested a spare seat in the car, because the current seat was too low for a car that kept jumping. Carlos Sainz also went to the radio in Ferrari To report that the car was exposed to many bumps on the Saudi track.

On-board camera shows how a Mercedes is swaying at high speed on the Jeddah circuit (Video: F1)

After using FP1’s hard and soft tires, most of the field appeared on the track with medium tires at the start of the activity. After the first round of fast laps, Leclerc and Sainz finished first and second, but Max Verstappen He got to the edge on the next try. After 20 minutes of practice, he was 0s002 ahead.

After an intense start, with a lot of people on the track, the action slowed down a lot. By the time Verstappen made the lap that put him in front, only four cars were on the track: Verstappen, Sergio Pérez, Kevin Magnussen and Lance’s Outing.

Meanwhile, CEO Stefano Domenicali and sporting director Ross Brawn appeared to be giving an award F1 about the situation in grandmother. “We feel safe,” the Italian emphasized. Then roll the ball.

George Russell, who has been conservative on the day so far, decided to go to the soft tire circuit and only managed it for the eighth time – the Stroll was faster. The English man’s 1s194 time was slower than Verstappen’s on medium tires. The general feeling so far has been that the cars have performed better on the C3 – soft tires last week and average last week – than on the C4 – and on soft tires in grandmother.

The mercedes Still on the verge of dealing with a connection on the track between Hamilton and Alexander Albon, which narrowly avoided collision. Hamilton and Albon have a history of accidents between them, it’s good to remember.

At the end of the first half hour until the end of the workout, the soft tires began to appear. Lando Norris Run better than other runners mercedes At the start, while Leclerc jumped ahead – Verstappen didn’t hit a fast lap on the soft. Sainz even hit a wall in an attempt to hit his comrade.

Kevin Magnussen was having a rough day (Photo: Haas F1 Team)

As times have changed, something from FP1 has repeated itself: Trouble in Heaven. Kevin Magnussen He had an engine failure and lost power in the middle of the track. The car, indicative of a possible electrical problem, exited after the hydraulic difficulty kept it off the track for most of the FP1. what a day! A virtual safety car on the track.

With about ten minutes into the training, the information from Sky Germany, the TV station, was that there would be a new meeting after FP2 to discuss the tense situation at the venue.

Meanwhile, on the track, things were calming down. The red bull I simulated racing on medium tires and quite a few people came out with the ability to improve a course. The Ferrari He gave up FP2 with the drivers, because, like Sainz a little earlier, Leclerc had also broken the wall and preferred to stop.

This time, the lead was up with Leclerc. Verstappen, Sainz and Pérez followed with both mercedes On the tail: Hamilton and Russell. Norris, Esteban Ocon, Valtteri Bottas and Yuki Tsunoda He finished the top ten.

F1 2022Saudi Arabia Award, grandmotherTL2:

1 C Leclerc Ferrari 1: 30,074 15th
two M Verstappen Red Bull Honda 1:30214 +0.140 22
3 Sea Signs Ferrari 1: 30320 +0.246.0000 12
4 S Perez Red Bull Honda 1: 30360 +0.286.0000 24
5 Hamilton mercedes 1: 30513 +0.439 24
6 J. Russell mercedes 1:30664 +0,590 29
7 Norris McLaren Mercedes 1: 30735 +0.661 26
8 and Okon Alps 1: 30760 +0.686.0000.00 26
9 V . shoes Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 30832 +0.758 14
10 Wai Tsunoda AlphaTauri Honda 1: 30,886 +0.812.0000 26
11 and Alonso Alps 1: 30944 +0.870 27
12 P flirtatious AlphaTauri Honda 1: 30963 +0.889 29
13 Schumacher mother Haas Ferrari 1:31,169 +1,095 27
14 L STROL Aston Martin Mercedes 1:31,372 +1,298 28
15th Drinkcard McLaren Mercedes 1: 31527 +1,453 23
16 n hulkenberg Aston Martin Mercedes 1: 31615 +1,541 30
17 G ZHOU Alfa Romeo Ferrari 1: 31615 +1,541 27
18 N Latify Williams Mercedes 1: 31814 +1,740 26
19 Albon Williams Mercedes 1: 31866 +1,792 28
20 K MAGNUSEN Haas Ferrari 1: 32344 +2,270 13
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